Ashley Briggs “Shades”

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Ashley has been bringing wonderful music to South Florida for a longtime. Song after song Ashley has always delivered the best to her fans, and now she has done it again with the release of her new song and video, “Shades”. This is an awesome summertime song for everyone, but in South Florida where it is summer year a round, it was just a perfect fit for Ashley. “Shades is just a fun in the sun kind of song”, says Ashley. The idea for Shades came from her friend Bubba Hudson and Dave River.

The video for Shades is just as cool as the song. Ashley said it was a lot of fun to shoot. Andrew Paul Davies, a graduate from Calvary Christian Academy in Fort Lauderdale did all the filming and editing. Andrew and Ashley worked together on the creative side of the video and her sister Erica was responsible for hair and makeup along with still photography. She had a few of her girlfriends to be part of the video, and it all made for a great day. Shades is the perfect fun in the sun country song that everyone will have playing in the car. Just can’t imagine a sunny day without “Shades”! Be sure to get your copy right here at iTunes.

As most country music stars, Ashley too is a great writer of songs and is always coming up with amazing songs that everyone loves. A few of the songs she has written are Island Cowboy and Not A Day Goes Bye which she wrote in 8th grade when her friend moved away. Also Me and My Hair, and Fly. She says she loves all her songs, but Fly definitely has a special place in her heart. Fly is an uplifting song and everyone seems to enjoy it, says Ashley. Fly was also featured on Hallmark Channel’s Cedar Cove this past season in a kitchen scene. They had the Fly playing on a radio placed on the counter-top, it was as if the real thing was happening. Her family went nuts!

Ashley does do a great job writing and has begun learning the guitar to help with her creativity. Ashley is constantly writing lyrics and always has melodies in her head, and learning the guitar will make things much easier for her. Currently she is working with  two talented songwriters there in South Florida, Chris Davio and Ceri Usmar. She says Chris has been playing the guitar forever and Ceri is a crazy good lyricist and together they come up with some great new songs, and some of these songs they have been coming up with, she will be recording this summer.

Ashley is an amazing new country star who has come a long way from running around singing Barney songs. She has one of the most incredible voices in music and uses it very well. Her voice has been recognized by many, and has gained her the honor of singing the National Anthem. Last season she sang the Anthem for the Marlins vs. Pirates game for a crowd of 25,000 and will be singing for them again this year on June 15th. She also sings for the Marlins and Cardinals training season games, sometimes to crowds of 6000 or more. This year she was invited to sing at this year’s Sony Open tennis semi-final. This event had close to 15,000 in attendance.

Ashley does entertain many people, but she also likes to share her talents to help others. She sings for Tunes For Tots a lot around Florida raising money for many charities, and her favorite is Make A Wish. Besides charities she sings at many events in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties with over 160 performances in the last 18 months. She also has a solid gig ever other Saturday  at Sands Harbor Resort & Marina in Pompano Beach. It is located right on the intracoastal and she performs poolside for three hours. This is a family resort and Ashley is all about family and good clean fun entertainment.

Ashley’s fans will need to keep an eye on her, she is heading to Nashville this summer to record a few more original songs along with her second professional music video coming out around August. She really loves her fans and wants to thank them all for following, listening, attending and purchasing. Ashley’s goal is to give her fans great songs that they and their parents can listen to. You never have to worry about the songs that comes from Ashley, the only thing you might have to worry about is getting your favorite song of her’s before they run out. Her music is as hot as the Florida sun.