Ashley Briggs


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Ashley is one girl that when she sings it comes from deep inside. When watching her you can see she is digging deep, and putting her all into the performance. Maybe the music was deep seeded in her when she was still a baby. When she was just a few months old she was already singing  Barney songs, although some of the words were not complete at the time, it is certainly obvious that music has been with her from the very start of her life, and now she is trying to brighten the lives of others with her music.

Ashley has a wonderful vocal coach to work with, her name is Beth Cohen. She says, Beth has helped her tremendously, and they have written a couple of songs together. Ashely has been working with her for over two years, but during the school year she trains with her chorus teacher.


Before Ashley ever had her first lesson, she was cast as Annie in a high school play when she was ten years old. She was in the fourth grade when her music teacher suggested that she try out, she did and got the part. This was the first time for her to sing, dance, and act in three shows in front of 700 people each night. After this is when her mom and dad decided that she maybe should  continue sing. It was really about two years ago that she truly start performing in public. They found a few karaoke places around town, and from there she has made it around to many places. She has also gotten involved with a wonderful charity, Tunes for Tots, which is part of the Make A Wish Foundation, and she loves going to different places singing for them.  She got involved with this charity when she was singing at the Anglesea restaurant in Pompano Beach Fl. when Jason Shockey with Tunes For Tots asked if she would like to participate in the charity, and she was thrilled to be able to help other kids.   Ashley also loved going to Nashville over the summer and performing and several places there. She made her way on stage at the Nashville Palace, Bluebird, and Tootsies, they were definitely some of her favorite places to sing at.

She always enjoys competitions, and has competed in the Colgate Country and Texaco Country Showdown. She has made the top ten in a couple of them, and each time she competes, she learns a little more about what she has to do to improve her performance.

Ashley has gotten her inspiration for sing from many people, a couple of these people are, Carrie Underwood, and Martina McBride. She looks up to people like these not only for there amazing music, but for how grounded they are in their faith. That is the way Ashley is, she stays grounded, and loves to take her music to others to help make their day a little brighter. She loves to see people smiling and enjoying her singing. She loves singing Christian songs, and the thought that maybe she is helping some one in their walk with Christ.  Ashley is starting to make people smile with some of her original songs. She has written about ten songs so far, with three of them put to music. When Ashley writes, she writes about love, but not the sad things. She likes telling the story of people falling in love, and who treats you right, kind of songs. One of her songs is about finding a guy who is much better than the other guy you liked, because he treats you like a lady, and lets you know that you are loved and always welcome with him. She does some amazing writing, her song “Better Than You” is one that most anyone can relate to, and love.

Ashley is a girl like many others with a dream, except her dream is in music, but for her it is very important to remain real. She does not want people to think she is pretending to be anything she is  not. This is one thing no one will need to worry about, Ashley is who she is. She cares about others, and when she is on stage she is her own person. This is what people love, they want to see the real person, anyone can be fake. To make it at anything in life you must stay true to yourself, and Ashley does just that.