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Ashley is a wonderful new pop artist coming from Florida and she is not wasting anytime getting her music heard. She is a singer/songwriter who came into the public eye only about a year ago. She may not have been at it long, but she sure is making waves and her fan base is growing quickly.

Ashley already has her first two originals out with more following close behind. Her first original titled, “Average Girl” is a great song with an awesome beat. This song was very well written, and Ashley did an outstanding job delivering it. She says this song is saying that people may think you are something you are not and it really doesn’t matter what they think just be yourself. Her other original, “Another Heartbreak” is about the struggle of relationships and saying don’t rush into things. It is to reach the younger group saying relationships aren’t as good as they sound. This is another amazing song, very well done; her fans are going to love it. These two songs really shows off how good of a writer she is and that she is writing material that others can relate to.  Ashley is certainly not your average girl.

This awesome new pop star just made her first real performance last year at Mojo’s in Lakeland Florida. This performance put her on the road to a great career. Since the start she has made several other performances and her fans keep growing everyday.  One of the shows she did was at Cici’s Pizza. She liked this show because that’s where her personality came out. Ashley also enjoyed The Christmas Show at World’s Largest McDonald’s. Here she got to meet some of her fans, and she said ” it was amazing and that it feels so great to know they like my music”.

Sabrina Bryan has been a good inspiration for her. Ashley loved watching the Cheetah Girls while growing up and when she saw Sabrina perform she knew that is what she wanted to do one day. Even though Sabrina is her inspiration Cher Lloyd is who she likes to cover. Ashley said, “I really think she fits my voice key and sound. I really like her music!”

Ashley really likes to sing because its great to know that people like her voice and that through her music the lyrics can inspire and make a difference in the world in a positive way. That is what she is wanting to do with her music, give back to the world. Ashley is working hard to do just that. Her goals are to record a full CD, go on tour and get sign by a record label. If she reaches her goal she will be able to use her music to make a big difference in the world.

Her management company, GoldStar MGMT has a lot of performances coming this year for her. This is going to be an awesome year for Ashley. With all the great music she is writing and recording her fans have a lot to look forward to. Ashley is driven to get her name and music out to the people, and the people are loving it.

Average Girl

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Another Heartbreak

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