Ashley Yankello



Throughout the years there’s been voices that no matter what genre a person likes, these voices will astound the listener. They will make the listener go “wow!”. People who have owned such voices are Etta James, Christina Aguilera, and Beyonce. These people have made their mark in history by how they deliver a song with so much power and passion. Many new artists often try to handle songs from Etta, Christina and Beyonce, but cannot, lacking the power or passion. On occasion there will be someone to come forward, but not expecting it, and blow your mind.  Living in Pennsylvania is one of the few that will “wow” the listener, just like the superstars did.  This person is, nine year old Ashley Yankello.

Listening to Ashley, it boggles the mind the vocal acrobatics that she inserts into the songs she sings. When she sings, Something’s Got A Hold On Me and Listen with all the dimensions and animations it is very difficult to believe she is only nine years old. With what she has achieved so far vocally, it is very possible, Ashley could one day surpass those who have come before her.

Ashley’s entertaining journey all started way back when she was just two years old. Apparently Lady Gaga had made a fan out of Ashley, and when her song  Poker Face came on, Ashley would dance all across the floor throughout the song. At the age of three Ashley’s mom would have her dance and sing in front of their television to different hit songs. This is when her mom bought Ashley her first microphone. To make a great entertainer the person doing the entertaining cannot be shy, and Ashley is definitely not. She was four years old when  she attended her aunt and uncles wedding. At the reception the DJ began playing Baby by Justin Bieber. Ashley didn’t hesitate, she grabbed the mic, hit the center of the floor, sang the whole song and was awarded her first standing ovation. Ashley made her first real performance when she was five at her school’s talent show. In the show she sang, Barbie Girl. It wasn’t until she was eight that she began to take singing seriously.

Since Ashley started singing, she has astonished crowds from New York to Nashville and everywhere in between. A couple of her favorite places she has performed are, Talent America National Finals in New York. “I liked the stage in New York because the sound system was really good” says Ashley. And at a Pittsburgh area Fourth of July Festival where she was the guest performer for Gold Record group, The Jaggerz. She has also performed at the 21st Annual Stars Of Tomorrow show in New Castle, Pa. and at Opry Mills Nashville, Tn. 

A voice like Ashley doesn’t go without notice or reward. She is already stacking up the awards for singing with her first from the Washington County Cinderella Pageant. At this competition she chose singing for her talent and was crowned champion of the pageant. She has also won multiple awards at the Talent America National Finals in New York and was the overall winner of TalentWatch’s Dream Night in Toledo, Ohio.

Ashley has had the honor of singing the National Anthem at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game. “It was really exciting because it was a Friday night capacity crowd game at beautiful PNC Park” says Ashley.

Performing is something she loves to do. “I like to entertain and inspire people through my performances. People have told me that I display a lot of emotion when I sing” Ashley says. When she is out entertaining, some of the artists she loves to cover are, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson. Ashley dreams of being a worldwide entertainer just like the artist she covers.

Ashley already has many places booked this year some include, the Central Ohio Singing Competition Winners Recital at Capital University on March 5th and Jesters’ Guild Variety Show on March 25th in Pittsburgh. She is also scheduled to participate in the Access Broadway competition April 7-9th and in the summer she will be in Nashville and New York. Be sure and keep an eye out to attend a performance near you. 

At just nine years old Ashley can do some outstanding things vocally and enjoys it very much. As much as she enjoys singing she is still a kid and loves being a kid too. She loves animals and has a few of her own, a guinea pig, a tank full of fish and two cats. Ashley also likes games like Minecraft and Animal Jam.

It is obvious that music flows through Ashley’s very soul. The theatrics and attitude that she brings with each performance is something that comes from within her. When she is on stage she owns the audience, this is something a true performer must do and Ashley does it with ease. The vocal acrobats she does can’t be taught and most artists can only dream of having. With the abilities Ashley has, she will be entertaining audiences for many years to come.