Ashmin Skyy

Ashmin Skyy


When people talk about California it is often about the beaches, Hollywood, or maybe Disney, but this is coming to an end and soon the talk will be about the beautiful and talented, Ashmin Skyy. Ashmin is pure beauty, and her vocal talent far exceeds many that are currently playing on the radio today. In a music video she made called, Mistletoe shows just how captivating she is. Her vocals could not have been more perfect and the camera truly showed how stunning she really is.   This was a well made video and Ashmin said it was really fun to make. She chose this song because it was cute, popular and it was Christmas time. She said the best part was when she and Dillon Scott, were walking down the sidewalk and two of her friends began to play, Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye. That is why they were laughing so hard in the video. The true essence of Ashmin was captured in this video. She is simply, perfect.

Ashmin’s talent was noticed early in life when she made her first performance at age nine at her 4th grade Talent Show at Tildenville Elementary School. She sang Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield and after her performance everyone started coming up to her and telling her what a great job she had done.  She has gone on to do many shows and one of her favorites that came to mind was a show at Canoga Park High School in Southern California. It was a lazy day for her and she walked out on stage in a t-shirt and sweet pants. After her show students came up to her asking questions and it seemed very comfortable. Another favorite was when she performed at a middle school, she performed an original and they literally got mobbed out of the school. She said the kids were following them to the car, it was quiet surreal for them. She may have been mobbed at this performance, but it will not be the last, this will become common for Ashmin and it will be coming soon.

Ashmin Skyy at stars2comeAshmin really loves Rihanna. She says, she is so versatile with her music and that’s why she is a huge fan. Ashmin also says that Rihanna can be pop, urban, rockish, and she likes her island influenced songs and she can take it down and do ballads. Just like Rihanna, Ashmin too gets a lot of attention when she performs, and this is what Ashmin really likes, the attention. Performing gives her a chance to show off how hard she works on her craft. When people are dancing around and appreciating her music that makes her want to work even harder to get a deeper reaction.

Her goal for now is to stay in the studio and get more singles out. She also wants to continue performing at events and honing that part of her craft. Ashmin is working to establish a fan base so she will have people looking forward to things she has in-store  for the future. Ashmin got a taste of what her future holds when she did her debut performance of her original song, “Explode” which she wrote. She made this debut at Venice Beach, California on May 3rd, 4th and 5th for a difficult crowd and it came off as a major success. This is the major obstacle for a artist being able to please a difficult crowd, once this is accomplished, then one can say they are truly an artist, and Ashmin is certainly that.

Even with all the things Ashmin has going on, she still remains humble. She learned quickly that the industry is very tough and there has to be a degree of confidence to be a part of it. She would like people to know that she has to turn off Ashmin Skyy and just be Ashmin at home, (or else). She wants to stay personable and Tangible with her listeners and let them know she works just as hard as anyone else and if they do the same they too can attain their dreams.

Ashmin is one amazing artist, she is beautiful outside and in, it is her wonderful personality that gives her that great inner beauty. It will be a great challenge for anyone to rise up to the talent that she has. Ashmin may love Rihanna, but  you can bet once Rihanna hears Ashmin, she will have a new favorite artist herself. Ashmin is proof of what hard work will create, and her hard work has brought her to the point to where she is, astounding! To help keep track of everything she is doing stop by her Facebook fan page often.

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