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Aspen is a delightful young artist out of Georgia. She brings a great songs to you with quality, she is so clean and clear with her music that you can truly hear and understand every word. Many people when they sing, it is like they are screaming at you, but Aspen “sings” to you with a wonderful voice.

Aspen can’t remember a time when she was not singing, she always sang in school talent shows in elementary school and got her first solo in the fourth grade. Aspen says, her parents are not musical, but they always had music playing in the house. She picked up a guitar when she was nine and it changed everything, now she could put music to the songs in her head. There has been several great songs to come from Aspen.  The songs she writes is relevant, catchy, and very enjoyable.

Aspen’s first real gig came at the ripe old age of nine. She opened for some friends of her parents who are musicians at The Wright Wing Tavern in Woodstock, Ga. She ended up singing three covers and one original, and after this she was hooked. Later that year she opened for another friend of her parents at Winchesters in Canton. She says, after playing  just four songs her fingers really hurt, but now she plays two hour shows without any problems and getting ready to perform her first three hour show.  One of the performances she liked best was in October 2011. Aspen opened for Sonia Leigh at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta. This was the best night of her life, Zac Brown was there and she got to meet him backstage. This was the night that she realized more than any that this is what she wanted to do. Last month Aspen and her drummer Matt Mattson played the 500 Songs For Kids foundation at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta. She said, this was an amazing experience to be part of such a great foundation.

Aspen has done great in competitions coming in first or second, but here recently her and Matt won a songwriter’s open mic at the Crimson Moon in Dahlonega, Ga. Then in July they go back for the “shoot out”. They are also competing in the Texaco Country Music Showdown, and they won the preliminary round and moving on to the finals on June 23.

The whole reason she picked up a guitar was because of Taylor Swift. Aspen says, that Taylor has inspired so many young people. Her parents have always loved music and supports her in everything she does. She says, she feels lucky to have a family that believes in her and her dreams. Aspen has certainly gotten a good start to reaching her dreams, and her creativity with songwriting will take her the rest of the way. The music she writes truly touches people. Her song, “Trust Me” is one of these songs. A girl from school came up to Aspen and told her that her boyfriend broke up with her and she listened to Aspen’s song for hours. This proved to her that she could change people with her music and that it would help them get through things. This is why she loves music so much, the effects it has on people’s lives. Aspen has a lot of great songs written, “Trust Me” was her first song on itunes, so it holds a special place with her. Her song, “Butterflies” became her first song to be played on the radio, and she says, it is a fun song to play. Aspen says, it is not the simple writing songs. When you write a song you need to feel it, and every word you sing has to come straight from the heart. Aspen excels with writing songs and singing from the heart. She holds a natural talent for this allowing her to touch people and this is what being an artist is all about.

Aspen is a great young artist coming up the ranks. With the music she writes and her outstanding delivery of these songs her dreams lie just around the corner. A person with this talent will not stay unnoticed by the major players in the industry. Everyone should take the time and listen to her music and once you do, you will be hooked!