Aubree Archibeck

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Aubree is a tremendously talented young lady with a beautifully toned and controlled voice. It all comes down to passion. Watching her in front of the mic seeing her get lost in the song with a mountain of emotion, lets you see what true passion really is. One of the songs Aubree sings is, The Voice Within. This is the perfect song choice for her because it does come from within. It is who she is as a person inside that creates the beauty on the outside. The voice within Aubree is where her guidance comes from. If a person would look inside Aubree they would find a warm heart where family and faith is her driving force. The Voice Within is by Christina Aguilera, but this song could have been written just for Aubree. The voice within drives her, and allows her soul to comes out in songs she sings. She is also the person who will be beside the troubled girl reaching out to help her, and guide her, to her own voice within. Watching and listening to Aubree sing this song, seeing the compassion,  the ferocity in which she delivers it, The Voice Within is her song and it tells who she is. She is the one, to comfort and guide, and who knows the voice within.

Aubree’s faith is what helped to start her on this grand journey she is on. She was three years old at the Rock Church and Outreach Center when Aubree made her first performance. There were about 3000 people in attendance, she was the Star of Bethlehem.

 Aubree Archibeck at stars2come Over time Aubree has grown in music and her performances has increased tremendously. Just a few months ago, a radio station allowed her to sing for the crowd at Tori Kelly’s show in Redlands, California. Tori is her favorite and to top it all off, Aubree got to sing backstage just for Tori. The Friday after this performance Aubree had the opportunity to sing during christian artist Beckah Shae’s, Summer Party concert. Aubree says it was awesome to bless kids her own age. The Lucas Oil Offroad Racetrack was a fun time for Aubree. She was asked to sing the National Anthem at the track with about 10,000 people attending the event. She enjoyed the perks of hanging out in the VIP tent eating and watching the race from the very front. Perks like this is something that Aubree might as well get use to, more is coming.

Tori Kelly is one of Aubree’s favorite artists. She likes that Tori sings about positive things and a great example to follow. Aubree said her voice is amazing, and they have the same vocal coach. Very soon Aubree will be releasing a cover song of Tori’s called, Nobody Love.

Young and old alike are always seeking inspiration and Aubree is just such an inspiration. It is the way she looks at things that makes her a great inspiration. Aubree participated in the Social Icon Solo Vocal competition. The judges loved her performance and she got a call back to go to the final round. Instead of going back with a chance of winning, she chose to go with the family vacation. There are many who would have chosen the chance to win over a family vacation, and it is these who will never understand the voice within. Aubree values the true rich’s in life, family and faith.

The outlook in life for Aubree is being able to bless people with music and make them smile. To travel the world and blessing people with her songs is what it is about for her. She loves God, loves to sing and loves to encourage other kids her age.

Aubree has been writing some songs, although none have been recorded as of yet. Her dad is a songwriter and has written with him. The first song she wrote is special to her because she was four at the time and it was about not being afraid of the dark. The ideas for the songs she writes comes from her faith in Jesus and her favorite singers.

She has some great recording opportunities coming up to look forward to. She will be in the studio for several different nationally heard projects. If you would like to see her in person she performs almost every Sunday at her church.

It is always a wonderful thing to see people like Aubree who has substance. Too often watching those who sing, you can see the emptiness inside. With Aubree there is so much within like kindness, hope and light that lets people see. Aubree is the person to have by your side when your world starts to fall. More songs from Aubree is something truly worth waiting for, but the anticipation is growing.