Aubrey Burchell

Aubrey Burchell at stars2come





Pennsylvania may be in the northern part of the country, but it carries a little bit of southern soul inside its borders. It would only be necessary to listen in the wind and discover a joyful sound and this sound will lead you straight to a beautiful young lady by the name of, Aubrey Burchell. Aubrey is pure amazement she has such power and soul when she sings and anyone who listens will experience joy in every sense of the word. It is very hard to believe that she is just twelve years old. The way she carries herself on stage is incredible and the way she digs in on her songs; this is something that is not taught this is something that has to be within and born to do. It is easy to see that she does not just sing the song, she feels it inside, it is like it becomes part of her. The stage is where she was born to be and where she belongs.

Aubrey made her first debut performance at Jamie’s Dream Team fashion show at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont. Performing for Jamie’s Dream Team is a big favorite for Aubrey. She says it is for such a great cause that she loves it. All the kids at the fashion show had illnesses, but this show gave them a special day, a day to be a star, and to forget even if only for a moment, but it is a moment for them to shine. Jamie’s Dream Team is like a Make A Wish program, but local. They have granted many dreams for children who have since lost their lives, but got to have a special day because of them. One of the kids who was granted a dream was for a little girl, Grace, who went to Aubrey’s school, she had Neuroblastoma Cancer and they gave her a very special princess parade. The Fashion show was her first taste of a big audience, and she loved how the crowd cheered for her, and after this she knew singing is what she wanted to do for her career. Aubrey had another great performance at the Club Radioactive in downtown Kittanning, she really enjoyed it. This was an Anti-Bullying event and here she sang, “Beautiful” and “Lean On Me”, but she put her own spin to them and made them a little more upbeat. (Lean On Me; she tore this song up, brilliant performance). She said she loved this experience because she feels it was her best performance so far.

Aubrey Burchell at stars2come When it comes to her song choices she has some amazing artists that she loves to cover, Christina Aguilera, Etta James, and Otis Redding. These three artists that she loves to cover are all brilliant in their song delivery, and Aubrey can hang right in there with them and you can bet any of them would be proud to have her name next to theirs. Aubrey says she loves covering them because of the emotion and soul along with the tender music that accompanies them, with some vocally challenging parts. She also says that everyone tells her she has an old soul. These people are correct! She really does love to sing, and she is grateful to how much her friends and fans compliment and support her.  Performing gives her confidence; she is a bit shy and once she begins to perform she forgets all about that, she is in her own world on stage.

Aubrey is doing very well with her sing and now she is adding songwriting to her resume. She has written two songs so far called, “I Thought You Did But You Didn’t” and “Mr. No Sir”. She gets the ideas for her songs from emotions and what is happening in her life. One of the songs is about a boy she thought liked her, but just stayed friends. The other song is about a boy that gave her a hard time at school, bullied her and made her feel bad. She has not put these songs out yet, but she is working on the music for them.

Aubrey says she is a sensitive, shy, awkward, but caring girl. However what I see is an extremely talented entertainer and after viewing her videos and chatting with her a bit it is easy to see and understand that she is a fun, cool and kind person, who anyone should be honored to meet. There is certainly a place in music for a person with such great vocal ability as Aubrey. There’s no one out there now that truly digs into a song the way Aubrey does, on stage her presence and delivery is incredible. Aubrey Burchell; two words, adorable and brilliant!