It is unbelievable the great talent that is out in the world now and  Avery is no different , I think she is going to be the next big pop star, she is awesome.  Her new song ” Love Me or Leave Me ” is a wonderful creation . It has a great beat and the lyrics are awesome.  Avery has the perfect pop voice,  she would fit right in with some of today’s pop stars. In fact she is a star,  she may not be a star on TV yet , but she is a star of YouTube with almost two million views,  she has quite the following. Being a star on YouTube is a great thing now days.  That is where a lot of the soon to be stars are coming from.  Just like Avery`s friend Cody Simpson was once a big YouTube star and now he is with Atlantic records. I know that Avery will be among them and at age fifteen she is right in the age group that many have gotten started , like Selena Gomez . Avery started singing at about ten years old singing at a local theatre. That is when she realized,  that  is what she wanted to do. ( I am glad she realized it ) It is obvious that singing is what she was meant to do, not only singing but her writing skills are very good and everything she writes comes from true life . Just like her song ” Love Me or Leave Me ”  the song is a true story revolving around a boy. True life is! where the best songs do come from.


 Avery is always writing new songs. She is currently working in the  Plush Studios in Orlando, FL on some new ones and she says,  that she can`t wait to share them with everyone. She is trying to get the songs done before leaving on tour. Her CD should be coming out very soon.

 So many great things have been happening for Avery.  Jordan Sparks is a role model of hers. They happen to both be from Phoenix , Arizona,  Avery`s manager knew her and introduced Avery to Jordan ( that’s a great manager)  she was so happy to meet her. From what I have seen of her manager Aton , he is one great person and I know he is just the right person to take her to the top.  Avery has the right attitude and personality to stay at the top when she gets there.    She has not been selfish with her singing she has performed for homeless shelters and kids crisis centers . She said  , it was really nice to see them having a good time, and getting to hang out with them after. It is great seeing so many young performers giving of themselves.  Avery will be giving  more to us very soon with her great new music coming out I can`t wait to hear it. Avery is an adorabale  and talented person