Bailey Coats

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Bailey is from Alabama, and she has added even more beauty to the state. She is a very beautiful young lady, and she carries one of the most beautiful voices anywhere. Her voice is soft and tender, and at times elegant, but don’t let that fool you, when a song needs attitude she can and will bring it. Bailey Coats, what a great addition to music she is.

The people of Alabama began getting a taste of what was to come from Bailey back in first grade. At her elementary school she  performed in plays and musicals. This all kicked off what was to become an amazing artist.

Bailey has gone from performing at her elementary school, to an artist performing coast to coast. She has been from LA to Plant City Florida. These two cities have become two of her favorite places she has performed. She said these places gave her an adrenaline rush from the music. This is something she will not soon forget. Bailey remembers there was so much great energy.

In music, artists write and sing songs that show who they are, and Bailey has done just that. One of the songs she wrote is called, American Girl.  This is a  song that defines who Bailey is. This song is all about embracing diversity, and being yourself. For Bailey finding out who she was, was a struggle for her. She wants to let all people know it is okay to be different, and to be your own person. American Girl was co-written by Scott Fairclough out of Nashville. Bailey has written many songs and they all have a special meaning, but in different ways. Her songs represent every emotion that she has felt and every internal struggle she has gone through. All of her ideas come from real life experiences and personal emotions. In every song she writes, Bailey wants to make sure they each have a quality that everyone can relate to. A great example would be her song, Don’t Forget. This is a song that was written to commemorate the lives lost at Sandy Hook. Her goal was to honor the precious lives that were lost and to encourage others not to forget.

It does not matter the reason, Bailey loves getting on stage; this is home for her. Being on stage gives her a rush that is unforgettable. It makes her feel alive, and she is truly herself. When Bailey is performing it gives her a sense of comfort and she knows, she is doing the right thing. Bailey’s goal is to know that she has impacted someone’s life through her music.

Even though Bailey is a great songwriter she does do many cover songs and one of the artists she loves covering is Adele. Bailey feels Adele’s songs allows for an artist to interpret her songs in their own way.

Bailey has many shows coming up for anyone who would like to stop by and listen to some great music. She will be playing all around Alabama and Florida so keep an eye out for dates and times. She has also started putting together her own band, this should be exciting. Bailey has more music videos coming soon as well. With so much in the works, Bailey will have a busy schedule for a good while.

One of Bailey’s biggest messages is to let people know it is okay to be different. She has struggled with this so much about going against the status quo.  She has realized she is different  from the social norm, and Bailey wants others to find comfort in accepting it themselves. Bailey says she is just who she is and wants to be a positive influence on young and old alike.

There is no doubt who Bailey is, she is one amazing artist that will be turning heads throughout the music world. The music she produces should be on every radio in every car and home across the country. There comes a time in an artist’s life that they shine, and Bailey is shinning bright!