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Baylee is one remarkable artist. She has a very soothing and soft voice, and she uses it very effectively. She is very much like Deana Carter. Baylee is an artist that has star quality in every song she sings. It is her understanding of the song she is singing that gives her this edge. Anyone can get up and sing words, but it is the person who understands those words that becomes the star. Baylee is just such a person, you can hear it in each and every word. This is another trait that Baylee has that is similar to Deana. When they sing, they sing the words like each, is the last they will ever say. Both Deana and Baylee give powerful meaning to the songs they sing, every-time!

It is hard to believe as amazing as Baylee is, she really has not been out singing very much at all until recently. Bernard Porter in Nashville helped get her first public performance singing at the Opry Mills Mall. Baylee says looking back it was not her best performance, but it was a great experience.

Baylee’s most favorite place is New Orleans. She was so very happy when she was able to perform for Apple Barrel in New Orleans. This was an amazing performance and experience for her being able to sing where she loves. “The whole city always gives me a good vibe and makes me want to sing my heart out! ” says Baylee.

One of Baylee’s favorite artists she likes to cover is, Julie Roberts. Baylee feels Julie’s music and her style are much alike.

Baylee has just recently gotten out of her comfort zone to where she can put on a good performance without being so nervous. She is enjoying singing and talking to the people. Baylee says she usually never stops singing or talking, so it is a lot of fun for her.

Most up coming artists have a goal to become a star. Baylee also has this desire, but she would like to explore the simple side of life. “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher”, Baylee says. She believes with both careers she can help and inspire people. For Baylee if she had to pick one goal it would be to help and inspire people to be who they are.

Writing songs is a must for artists, and Baylee is putting her best efforts toward writing herself. She has written four or five songs, and has already begun recording them. She takes inspiration from good times and hard times, or whatever comes to mind she feels would be good to write about. One of the songs Baylee wrote is called, End of Time. This is a love song and it demonstrates the creativity Baylee has for music. This is a song that I can expect to hear when I turn on the radio. Her talent for delivering a song is so great, no one would ever know when listening to End of Time, that she is thirteen years old.

When Baylee is behind the mic she is serious about what she is doing, but she’s really just a silly energetic person having fun. She likes to laugh and be with her friends, but she is happiest when she is singing. Baylee loves when she is able to put a smile on someone’s face when she sings. She is very thankful to her parents for their support and love. Baylee gives all the glory to God for the gift she has received.

Baylee does have a great gift and she will be making people happy for a longtime to come with that gift. She has the talent that can take her to the end of time. A voice like her’s does not come a long everyday. Music was created for a person like Baylee. She is someone who needs to be on your list of people to see. Baylee will be having more performances soon at the Apple Barrel in New Orleans, this would be an excellent time to see this fabulous new star on the rise.

End of Time