Beau Dermott, A Grand Voice Of The UK

Beau Dermott at stars2come

In April of this year, The Liverpool Empire and all who had their TV’s tuned to Britain’s Got Talent, were brought to their feet stunned by an impeccable voice. This voice belongs to twelve year old Beau Dermott. Beau had the entire theater resonating with her grand voice surprising everyone.

It began when a nervous, but poised Beau Dermott walked out on stage in front of the judges and a packed theater. Though nervous, she exudes confidence and right before the first note is sung, the transformation in Beau can be seen. She becomes the character, Elphaba and brings her to life. That day, in those few seconds, Beau took herself and the entire audience on a journey into fantasy, and they too could defy gravity and fly. Beau’s voice filled the theater, and each word sang with precision and meaning. She touched the hearts of everyone. At the end of the song Beau transforms back into her everyday self and theater is left with a  roar of people cheering and clapping. After a couple of seconds it happens, Amanda hits the Golden Buzzer and the audience goes crazy, and Beau fills with emotion. Beau’s performance of Defying Gravity captivated not just the UK, but the “whole” world.

Beau Dermott at stars2come

It was not  long ago that the interest to sing came about for Beau. At the age of eight, Beau was watching the Sound of Music which lit the fire inside her to want to sing. Just one year later Beau made her first performance giving everyone a glimpse of what was to come. The song she sang was, I Dreamed a Dream at Parr Hall Warrington at nine years of age.

Prior to Britain’s Got Talent she was performing at various locations. She was singing at, Chester Cathedral at Christmas, and her first time singing Defying Gravity was in the Teenstar final at the NEC. A little after BGT, Beau sang a duet with Russell Watson. They sang, The Prayer.

Although Beau loves musical theater and her voice is geared for it, she has sung other genres. A couple of these songs have been, Burn by Ellie Goulding and Wings by Birdy. But her heart is with musical theater.

Beau’s performances and dreams all led the way to her being part of Britain’s Got Talent. The performance she gave was one of the greatest performances ever and has been seen by millions. This all turned into a fantastic experience for Beau, but with a lot of nerves. “BGT was great fun, but also very nerve racking, the most nervous I felt was the audition at The Liverpool Empire when I got the Golden Buzzer, it was a long day and I got more and more nervous as time went on” says Beau. The walk out on stage for her was exciting but scary with all the cameras and judges. Beau chose Defying Gravity because her drama teacher told her to watch Willemijn Verkaik version and when she did, she loved it. “Once I’d finished the song I was emotional because I’d given it everything, to hear all the applause was fantastic” says Beau. Beau also says she learnt a lot through this experience and would recommend it to other young people, but said they should try smaller contests first. Being on BGT is an experience that will be with her forever. She says she made a great deal of friends, and her mom framed some of the gold. While Beau did not win Britain’s Got Talent, she did win the hearts of the world. On the show Beau had three tremendous performances singing Defying Gravity twice and Someone Like You, all breath taking. No one could have sung them any better.

Beau Dermott at stars2come  Much of her inspiration comes from theater, which she loves. Beau has taken part in a few productions, these include, Little Cossette in Les Miserables, Duffy in Annie and Little Meg in the Phantom. These were small productions, but was still great fun. Her dream is to be on Broadway and West End playing the part of Elphaba.

To get up on stage is something that brings her happiness. “The feeling of nerves mixed with excitement and happiness and I just love to go into character and sing and the best bit is when people say I made them happy” says Beau. Some of the songs she likes to perform are, anything from Wicked, Someone Like You, Memory, Let It Go, The Prayer, Reflection, Wings and Broadway Baby just to name a few.

If anyone would like to see her in person may have the chance. She has a few big charity events coming up in Wales and London. Also she will have two shows with Richard, Adam, and Tre Amici.

When Beau is not performing, she is just a normal girl. She likes horse riding, loves musical theater, loves animals especially her dog Bailey, and her rabbit Tommy.

In general Beau may well be a normal girl, but when she hits the stage it all changes. Becoming the character on stage is something she is great at and excels in. To listen to her sing Someone Like You and Defying Gravity is a phenomenal experience. Some of the notes she hits and the length at which she holds them, is magnificent. The level that Beau sings at is greater than someone thirty years older, and this is just the beginning. Throughout history there has been a few people here and there who have made a great impact on the world as a whole. It may have been science, math, inventors, as well as musicians. They all had a great gift, and that gift not only made a big influence on people, but it insured them a place in history. I believe Beau is just such a person. Her gift is already touching many people worldwide and there’s no denying how great her voice is, and how well she is mastering it. This is only the start of something much greater for Beau. Let’s watch and see what happens.