Bella Brown

Bella Brown at stars2come

I don’t know if anyone knows what people are feeding their kids in Oklahoma, but they continue to grow amazing artists one after another. Bella Brown is just such an artist and it was a true pleasure to have met her, and witness this talent in action. Bella is eight years old and no bigger than a minute, but when she cuts loose there’s nothing small about that voice. She comes equipped with a powerhouse voice that will set you back in your seat. Her voice is not just powerful, she has tremendous control over it and knows just when to let it rip. Incredible!

Bella started setting Oklahoma on fire at the ripe ole age of three. This was her first shot at it, then when she turned six she began to sing more. At that time her performances were at a pageant and different organizations around Oklahoma.

While she has been dong great around Oklahoma, Bella has not allowed the state to box her in. Bella has broken out and made her way to Tennessee and Missouri. In Tennessee she sang in Pigeon Forge at NACMAI (North American Country Music Association International). She managed to make her way to Branson performing with American Kids. For Bella it was good to get out side of Oklahoma, and by doing so she made a lot of new friends.

Once anyone listens to Bella they will not be surprised to learn she is an award winner with many to her name. This is a very impressive list: 2015 NACMAI Entertainer of the Year, 2015 NACMAI Most Promising Vocalist, 2015 NACMAI Songwriter of the Year, 2014 Our Diamond Miss Mini Supreme Talent Queen, 2014 Junior Miss Choctaw, 2014 2nd place youth Oklahoma’s Got Talent, 2014 2nd place overall American Kids National’s, 2014 2nd place Festival Idol,  and 2014 OKC Country Music Association Youth Female Traditional Country first place and Youth Female New Country first place and the list goes on. The thing to remember she is only eight, but yet she has accomplished so much in a short time. Big things are awaiting her in her future.

Something in the Water live from NACMAI:

Getting on stage to perform is something Bella loves deeply. She enjoys sharing her feelings and love for her Christ with others through her songs. Where she is performing Bella likes covering Carrie Underwood. Carrie is one of her favorite artists and her songs have so much emotion. Bella feels she connects well with Carrie’s songs. In the future Bella dreams of being a Christian and Country artist, and to lead others to Christ.

Bella is gifted in many ways, a great voice, an award winner, and a songwriter. In March 2015 Bella didn’t win Songwriter of the Year for nothing, she does have a way with words. The four songs she has recorded are a testament to what she is capable of. They flow very well and she is able to deliver them with feeling and emotion bringing them to life. One of her favorite songs on her EP is, The War Between Us. This song is based on  Ephesian 6:10-11. This is a scripture that Bella says speaks to her and she wanted to share it with the world. As in The War Between Us Bella likes to write about things that affect her in some way, but sometimes she will write about emotional trials people are going through.

Once Upon A Dream is another song from Bella’s EP, this song is so catchy you can’t stop listening. She says this song is about not having to be stuck with one thing in life. “As a kid trying all new things and as many as possible is cool” says Bella. She does not want to be stuck in a box to fit a mold. Bella wants to do things her heart likes.

Once Upon A Dreamer:

There will be plenty of opportunity to see Bella live, she has many competitions coming.  She will also be at several Opry’s around Oklahoma and Texas.

Bella has an outstanding attitude about things in life. She says she is full of Christ’s love and she wants to share that with others. “We may go through lots in life and you may never know what others are dealing with behind closed doors. We should not judge, we should all love” said Bella. We can all learn a great deal from Bella, for so young, she is very wise.

There will be much more to come from Bella, there is a bright future ahead of her. The gift she has will  make not only her parents proud, but those of country and Christian music as well. It is limitless to where she can go in life, and as long as she continues following her heart, she will be able to reach her dreams and beyond. No matter what, one thing is for certain, Bella has made this world a much better place. A child shall lead the way. Big heart, big voice, Bella Brown.