Belle Matthews Canada’s up and coming star

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Belle Matthews one of Canada’s great up and coming stars. She is making herself known in a big way and gaining fans fast from all around the world. It does not take Belle long to gain the attention of anyone in hear shot once she steps out on stage and opens up with that awesome big voice of hers. The power she has is unbelievable, and she uses it very well.

This big voice of her’s was created from an early start in life singing nursery songs along with her mom. Every night she would sing nursery songs, memorize them then sing them just everywhere. Belle started taking singing lessons when she was eleven years old and it is her singing teacher that now inspires her. Belle’s teacher helps her with everything from theory to how to sing a song correctly.

Like a lot of kids she started off singing at school and in May 2010 she made her first public appearance at the Spring Concert at her school. At this concert she sang, “Almost There” from the Princess and The Frog. Belle has done many great performances since her debut at school and one of her favorites was singing on Youth Day and singing at the Rockpile. She says on Youth Day there is always a big audience and she just loves that. Belle has sang at the Rockpile many times and she likes how comfortable she feels when performing there.

Belle might have started out singing nursery songs, but now she is winning awards left and right. She has won the Next Virtual  Star at ten years old. She also made a TV appearance on their TV show. She  also won the Canadian Anthem Hockey Musical contest when she was ten. She won a weeks stay at the Royal York Hotel and 4 hockey tickets to see the Leafs play. At eleven years she was runner-up at the Toronto Superstars singing competition. She recorded Etta James song, “At Last” for their demo and it was distributed during Canadian Music Week at the Royal York Hotel. Also at eleven years old she placed first for the Le Musique Circle singing competition hosted by Diedre Malleha and was a guest on Diedre’s internet radio show.

Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera are the artists that Belle loves to cover.  She says she likes to cover them because they have great vocal ranges and that her big voice lets her handle the songs.  Belle does fit right in with these great singers with her own powerful and amazing voice. No matter what she sings, she just loves performing. Belle said it is a great feeling when everyone enjoys her originals or covers. When the audience cheers for her during or after a performance it gives her great confidence.

Belle is really bringing some great original songs to her fans and two of these great songs are, “Restricted” and “Tied and Tangled”. Restricted has gotten a great deal of attention on YouTube with over 300,000 views already. Belle recorded with Creative Invasion Entertainment, Mike Hillier is featured on it and produced by  TJ Faith. She will be putting out a video on “Restricted” very soon they have already started planning the details for the filming. “Tied and Tangled” has become my favorite this song was very well written and executed. This is a song with great feeling and heart Belle’s passion shines through very well. This is a song that everyone will love. So far Belle has written six songs and she is hoping to put out her own album soon. When Belle writes, she likes to write about her past experiences and tries to write the songs with a positive message so her peers can relate to them.

Belle just loves to sing and write, this is what she thinks about all the time day and night. She has also started attending her performing arts school and she is in their choir this is the first time she has been involved with a choir and she loves it.

Belle is a very amazing artist that everyone needs to hear. Her voice is incredible, and anyone that sounds like her will be around for a very long time.

Tied and Tangled