Bianca & Chiara D’Ambrosio

Bianca Chiara D'Ambrosio at stars2come





Bianca and Chiara are twins that have set out to make a name for themselves in music and film. The D’Ambrosio twins are extremely talented in both fields and quickly becoming known around Hollywood.  There have been other twins who have been very successful, like the Olsen twins, and Cole and Dylan Sprouse. They all won the hearts of everyone on their TV shows, and had the audience coming back week after week to see what they would be doing next. Bianca and Chiara are doing the very same. They steal your heart and the audience waits anxiously for their next appearance.

Bianca and Chiara are nine and a half years old. They both began to sing at the age of four, but when it came to venturing out to the public, they were about a year a part. Bianca made her debut performanc at six years old. She sang at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood. Chiara made her first when she was five years old. She sang at a theater in Venice Beach, and the song she sang was, Magic by Selena Gomez.

Both of these girls have now many performances to their name. Bianca says she really liked performing at the Kingdom Day Parade. They put on several strong performances that day, and everyone was having a great time. Chiara had a dream to sing on TV one day, well that dream came true. They traveled to New York and performed live on Fox and Friends.

Bianca Chiara D'Ambrosio at stars2come  Just like the twin stars of yesterday, the D’Ambrosio twins are seeing themselves on TV more and more frequent. They have been fortunate to have been cast in many films and TV shows. It all started off when they were three years old playing Summer Newman on The Young and Restless. Chiara says no matter what they are fortunate to book, they always have fun.

When it comes to success, the thing that will set these twins apart from the others, is their artistry with music. Bianca and Chiara love being on camera, but they also love the stage. Bianca says it is so cool to step on the stage like it is your last time and sing your heart out. Singing is a way to tell the world your story and this is what Chiara likes about it so much. They both love singing songs by Taylor Swift, and are currently working on one of Taylor’s songs called, Blank Space.

The girls are always working to fulfill their dreams and Bianca says she will never give up, even if it hurts sometimes. There’s nothing like believing in yourself and both girls do believe. Chiara says she hopes to one day to win a Grammy and an Oscar.

Like any great artist Bianca and Chiara also so have their own original music. One of their songs that is truly amazing is called, On My Own. Being twins, they do virtually everything together, but it is also important to be individuals as well, and this is what they are saying in the song. They put together a very nice video for the song using cards with the lyrics on them. This idea came from their dad who seen an old Bob Dylan video.

When it comes to writing their own music, both girls do come up with ideas, but it is Bianca that does most of the writing says Chiara. Bianca says they work with Andrew Lane and Mariah Parks on some of their songs. All of the songs they write have special meaning to them, but Best Friend is really special. Best Friend is about their rescue dog Max. They love him very much and want to encourage others to rescue dogs, and be responsible pet owners.

Bianca and Chiara have a lot going on. They have been working on a project for ABC Family that will be airing in late spring. In the summer they will working on a movie and pilot. When it comes to their singing you will be able to find them all around LA performing at schools and other events.

While they are very talented twins and a lot of things are the same for them, but not everything. Just a couple of things that are different about them are , Bianca doesn’t like milk in her cereal and Chiara saves her marshmallows from her Fruit Loops to eat last. No matter a like or not, one thing is for sure, they are a powerhouse and rising to the top. The twins are being seen and heard everywhere. They are adorable and their music is catchy, the perfect receipt for stardom. This is not a one person act, it is a package deal. Watch out, they will be taking over the airwaves.