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Black Diamonds really know how to rock. These guys have been together for about two years, and they have been getting a lot of attention in the short time they have played together. It is easy to see why they have been getting so much attention, the band is made up of some great instrumentalist and vocalist, these kids really get in to their music. You would think that as well as they play together and look similar, that they were brothers, but they are not. In fact they came together more like what you would see in a movie. One day in the building where DeAngelis Studio of Music and Arts is located, Henry`s sister takes dance lessons in the building. Henry came out of the dance studio with a guitar in his hand, Nancy the owner of the music studio, told him, he should come up to their music school where they do “Rock School Bands”. They left and a short time later they were back and Henry said, he wanted to do Rock School. Nick was already taking lessons at the music studio. When the studio had their Christmas party, AJ`s sister was there to perform on guitar, he jumped on stage grabbed the mic and began talking and singing without permission. That is when Nancy told her husband (Mike DeAngelis) he is the one! Now they had three, but still missing a bass player. Nancy and Mike bought their son (Wolfgang) a bass, and in about six weeks the band started. The kids never knew each other, and was a bit shy at first, but by the end of their first rehearsal they were already playing a complete song. This rag tag group is made up of AJ Marks thirteen vocals, Henry McIntyre ten guitar, Nick Calnan thirteen drums, and Wolfgang Burger nine bass, together they are Black Diamonds, and they are awesome.


Black Diamonds at stars2come This group don`t even go to the same school, and the only time they are together is for about an hour and a half per week to rehearse, but this rag tag group loves to make music, and entertain. These guys truly are amazing when it comes to their music. After these guys got together it wasn’t long before they were out performing with their very first performance on May 3rd 2009, at the Haverhill Kidsfest. They were very excited with their performance, and Wolfgang told his mom, “you didn’t tell me it would feel like this!” They now have about thirty performances under their belt and they are not stopping. Black Diamonds have played on stages that most adults can only dream of.

They got an awesome treat when they were special guest at the “Rote Rathaus” Berlin City Hall. This was for the 50Th Annual Deutsch-Amerikananische Volkfest. They said, they were treated like royalty. In 2010 at 92.9 Earthfest Boston, thousands came out to watch them perform, and people just couldn’t believe that kids could play so well.

Not only are these guys amazing with their performing, but their writing is just as good. They are on their 5TH original now. They just finished recording “Rumors and Amp It Up”. They write about subjects they live through everyday. The song “Back To School Blues” was about having to go back to school after summer vacation. “Almost Famous”, this was their first music video, and they used live clips in the video. It is about the drummer dreaming they are famous, but wakes up at the end late as usual to rehearsal.

black diamonds at stars2come Get your TV ready they will be appearing in the next few weeks, on Fox Mytv New England, Debra Crosby`s Talent TV. They have also been on HCTV many times. You can bet they will be appearing many more times on a TV channel near you, this is just the beginning.

While they make a lot of great music together, they each get into different things. How ever there is one thing they all have in common, each has had their share of being bullied. Because of this they are very big about spreading the word to help prevent it. For these guys it did stop, they feel the band was the cause. Being in the band gave them lots of  confidence and self-esteem and their peers seem to respect them. They recommend that others get into music, it made a big difference with them. With AJ he has been in theater and has been taking vocal lessons since a young age. He loves video games and he says, he is a super friendly guys. He did enjoy going to see, Rock Of Ages on Broadway, and meeting Dee Snider. Henry, his idol is Pete Townshend, “Can`t Explain” was the first song they ever done. Mike DeAngelis calls him, Hank, and said that Henry had the rock star moves down from the start. Henry loves to sing as well, he often does back up vocals for the band. He said, snowboarding is how they got their name “Black Diamonds”. This was after seeing the black diamond runs at Ski Bradford. Nick, he loves Ozzy. He said, it was awesome to go his book signing, and getting his picture taken with Ozzy strangling him, he said this photo ended up in the news paper. Right after that is when they started working on the song “Crazy Train”. He also loves air guns and BB guns, he collects them. Wolfgang, he says, he is the youngest in the band so he has lots of big brothers, and they go wild when they are together. He really enjoyed playing the LEGO show in Boston. AJ is his video game buddy, Nick is his camping buddy, and Henry is his wrestling buddy. He also loves street hockey, and needs to get the others into that.

Like most bands they too, pull pranks, so I had to ask who was the jokester. They said, there was always someone up to something, usually three of them would plot something against the fourth. They say, the one who shows up late to rehearsal is usually the victum. According to them Mike jokes as well, and says, Nick and Wolfgang will be the ones throwing TV`s out of the hotel rooms. With all the jokes a-side and all the differences they have, they all look for the samething, and that is to be together for many years performing as a band. They said, it would be cool that age 27 or 30 they can say they are celebrating their 20TH anniverary together.

These guys are a fantastic bunch of kids. You really need to catch them live if at all possible, and they are doing so well together not just as a band, but friends, and this together just might give them their 20TH anniversary.  Be sure to grab their EP, it has two songs from them plus songs from three other groups at itunes.