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Now here is a great vocalist, and musician coming straight out of Kentucky. Blakeley is a fantastic singer, but she is also  outstanding at guitar and fiddle. She is always pleasant to listen to, and to see her live is a real treat for anyone. There is something about her that seems to change the atmosphere in a room when she performs, making it very relaxing and enjoyable, maybe it is the charm that she has radiating through her music.


For Blakeley growing up with a musical family, it was only natural for some of that music to rub off on her. She would always be a part of any family sing-a-long at get together` s. Everyone would gather around the piano and sing or play an instrument.  Blakeley has had some amazing training with vocals and her instruments. She has sung a lot with the University of Kentucky Opera Theater and has appeared in several of their productions including, La Boheme, Brundibar, and their “Broadway Bound” camps. Mary Joy Nelson has been her vocal coach from there, and she has taught Blakeley some  excellent techniques like stage presence, and facial expressions. She also attends the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Lexington, Kentucky, where she has been under the instruction of Nancy Campbell, who is her orchestra director, and also has conducted her in the Central Kentucky Youth Orchestra  in the prepatory orchestra. Now she plays in the concert orchestra of the CKYO, where she  is under the instruction of Kayoko Dan and Daniel Chatel, this is where she learned a lot about classical music. She started her guitar instruction in February 2011, with David McLean. Blakeley has not had instruction for a very long period of time, but she has really excelled  with the guitar. She has a very good smooth sound, and accompanies herself with the guitar very nicely.

Blakeley burger at stars2come  Blakeley got a big jump on her public performances with her first one at Eastern Kentucky University, when she was four years old. Here she sang “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch”, for about 400 high school students that were participating in the Governor Scholarship Program. Her first big musical theater role was when she played Brigitta in Paragon Music Theater`s production of The Sound Of Music. She liked this because it was her first big role, and was the closest she had gotten to professional music theater. She also got to perform for President Bill Clinton at a fund raiser for the Lexington Speech and Hearing Clinic. This was very exciting for her, she sang a solo of Michael Jackson`s song “Children are Our Future”, with a children`s choir. She does make regular appearances at Natasha`s in Lexington, she is usually there the second Saturday of every month if you would like to stop by and see her live.

 Blakeley gets a lot of her inspiration from Daniel and Amy Carwile her fiddle instructors. She says, they motivate her, and gives her great support. The musicality of their CD`s has really inspired her, and wants to be as professional, educated, and knowledgeable about music as they are.  For Blakeley fiddling is her passion. The fiddle gives her a way to express her feelings whether she is happy, sad, or upset over something she can bring those feelings out in the fiddle. Blakeley has been playing the fiddle ever since she was four years old. She loves the fiddle, and it makes her feel unique, because most people are known for their singing or guitar playing. Her main form of music is Bluegrass. This style of music is not a favorite of many young artists today, but this music has deep roots, and is very beautiful. When she first started playing she played classical, but now she can play many forms of music from country to rock. The instrument is so universal she can do anything with it, and she does.

Her life pretty much revolves around music in some form. She is either singing, playing guitar, or  fiddle, and she even writes a little. So far she has written seven songs, including one fiddling waltz called, “Stevie T`s Waltz”. This was her first song she wrote and dedicated it to her uncle Steve, who has been her main support, and who got her into music.  She wrote another song called, “Be You”, this was performed and dedicated to a program “Women of  Woodford. This song talks about how many things will get you down in life, but you have to pick yourself up, and make sure your self-esteem is leveled. Most of her ideas for her songs comes from life experiences, and these are things people can relate to.

Blakeley is wonderful at everything she does, and her passion for music is so deep that, music is her life. When ever possible stop by somewhere that she is playing and listen, you will be glad you did.