Bradley Garner

Bradley Garner at stars2come We have an exciting new vocalist coming out of New Zealand, Bradley Garner. The tone in his voice, is one of those that has been proven  time and again that the music industry loves. He is like a young Bruce Springstein, and the tone that Bruce has and the songs he has done, has been around for decades. Now it is Bradley`s turn, and we will be hearing his music  for a long time to come.

 For a person that is so talented, Bradley only started singing in September 2009, the same time he wrote his first original song. It is a good thing he did or the world would have missed out on a fabulous singer/songwriter that Bradley is. His first musical performance was at his school`s talent quest. He now performs anywhere he can in the Wellington region, from birthdays, weddings and variety shows. What he really loves to do is to perform at open mic nights.

 When it comes to the attitude he has towards music, he has one of the best. When asked about competitions and awards here is what he had to say,  “I am not a competitive musician, I enjoy music for what it is, not to get awards or prizes”. This is what it`s truly all about enjoying the music for what it is. He does music because he loves it, not because he has to, or to make a profit, it is simply his passion.

 It wasn`t all that long ago that he began playing guitar. Bradley started playing when he moved from England to New Zealand in 2006. In fact while he and his family was living in a motel, is when he bought his first electric guitar, and he has grown from there. Then in 2009 he began writing his own material. His first original song was “A Thousand Days”. In 2010 he wrote another outstanding song “Fugitive”, this was done originally for his Media Studies coarse. He had to film and edit a music video to a piece of music, so it only made sense to use his own music. So “Fugitive” was written to make a fast paced, entertaining music video. The video was graded excellent for NCEA level 2.  Bradley`s music is something that will be around for many years, the excellence in his writing is outstanding to say the least. With the talent he has it would not be surprising if he finds himself touring the world in a very short time. Bradley as many more songs coming out, so be-sure to keep track of everything he is doing at, , facebook , YouTube , myspace , twitter , and reverbnation.