Brady Shattan “Mini Elvis”

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Brady is an amazing entertainer from Oklahoma, he is a true Mini Elvis. He was and still is a big fan of the Wiggles and they are huge fans of Elvis, so Brady began listening to the songs and was soon singing them. Brady said that Greg Page the first yellow Wiggle has a huge Elvis memorabilia collection and liked to sing his songs and he wanted to be just like him. Brady also loves how the music Elvis sang reached all audiences. Brady says Elvis fans are special and they are some of the most passionate audiences you can perform for. Brady has now become a major fan of Elvis and is a big part of who he is as an artist.

Being a big fan of the Wiggles did help Brady along to become a Elvis fan, but they were also the ones that inspired him to start to sing in the first place. Ever since he started watching the Wiggles he wanted to be one; he went to their concerts and he even spent time with them. Anthony Field the blue Wiggle has always been an inspiration to Brady, and he can ask Anthony questions anytime and Anthony will help him out.  Anthony told him that he could be the next yellow Wiggle, and Brady has not stopped practicing since.  Brady does work very hard and has become an amazing little entertainer, and he is a great inspiration to others. Brady has lung problems and doctors are working to fix the breathing, but none of this stops Brady from working toward his dreams. All people can learn from Brady, no matter what is going on, you should not let nothing get in the way of your dreams.

After Brady started singing he first began to perform at school shows and dance competitions when he was five. The first big show he performed at was at the Elvis Extravaganza at the Oklahoma State Fair, he was eight years old and only new one song, Hound Dog and the audience was wild and crazy and reaching up to the stage. Brady said there were about eighteen performers from all over the nation and they taught him a lot about the Elvis tribute business. He considers this his launching pad.

Brady Shattan at stars2come Brady has had the chance to perform at a lot of events and one of these events was the Oklahoma City Barons hockey game. For the game he was asked to sing the Canadian national anthem. Brady has become friends with some of the players and most are from Canada, so he was a bit nervous because he wanted them to be proud of him. He has also performed with Disney’s Imagination Movers as a back-up dancer on their Rock O Matic tour for a few shows. In Kansas he was able to perform with “Conductor” Jack Norton of the Emmy award-winning Zinghoppers.  The Grammy award-winning Sugar Free Allstars put together a children’s music festival in Oklahoma City which featured The Verve Pipe. There were some of the top children entertainers from all over performing, and he was asked to headline one of the stages. Brady said it was a lot of fun doing media interviews the weeks leading up to the event, and they wrote a song for him to sing called, “Mini Elvis”. He said it was an honor.

Brady does not really like competitions he just likes performing and enjoying the moment, but he does sometimes compete in American Kids talent search. He does like this one because they focus more on building your performance skills and meeting other kids that like the same thing as you do. Brady and his family won, Family of the Year at the talent search and that meant a lot to them.

The important thing for Brady is he really wants to be a children’s entertainer and he would really love being a Wiggle. He just loves the way they perform. They have catchy tunes, tons of energy and the preschool audiences are amazing. He wants to be some one who can sing, dance, act and play several musical instruments. He says he does not care if he becomes famous he just wants to entertain. He has a lot of energy on stage and is constantly moving. He says he is not afraid to talk with the crowd and laugh with them. He also loves going into the audience and give an elderly lady a scarf or a little kid a teddy bear. He says it makes them feel really special.

There are several great chances coming up to get out and see Brady entertain. He will be performing at a theater in his hometown soon that you can catch him at. He said it is difficult sometimes to perform in front of the kids at school, some kids think it is cool, but others do not and they will be at the matinée.  During the holidays he says it is fun doing small shows at nursing homes, hospitals and private parties. There is a national Elvis contest that he may be going to in Florida in February and the another in Canada.

Brady says it is very important for people to know that he has Asperger’s Syndrome. He is a regular kid he just thinks differently than others, his brain never stops. Sometimes he gets overly anxious and is very sensitive to lights, sounds and temperatures. He also wants people to know that kids who have Asperger’s are just like anyone else, smart focused and hardworking.

Brady is certainly a great entertainer and his heart is in the right place and has the passion to succeed. He loves what he does and he does it because he loves it, not for the attention and praise, and this makes him a true entertainer and one that will realize his dreams. He is so much fun to watch, a pure joy. Brady will be someone who all kids will be able to look up to, he is doing things because he loves it and not letting anything stand in his way. He is working hard for his dream and his dream is just around the corner.