Brandon Moore

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Brandon is an amazing artist, he brings his own sound and style to the music world. He makes for some fantastic listening. The music he puts together with the songs he writes is incredible. It takes a real artist to put songs together, and Brandon is as real as you can get.

He took up guitar at around age five, playing metal and punk music. Then at age twelve he got his first acoustic guitar and he has done nothing but sore since then. He said, he never thought he could ever sing well, but it is something about the feeling you feel in your throat when your voice is on pitch with the chords you strum. Even though he picked up the guitar at a early age he really didn’t get into singing seriously until age thirteen. Like many great artists he too comes from a small town in Kentucky. There is something about small towns that brings out the best artists, and we are listening to the next big artist coming out of Kentucky.

Brandon made his first solo appearance in 2009, at a talent search program at his high school. He placed 3rd, but it was the scariest experience of his life. Now how ever the stage is second nature. Not long after this performance he played at Natasha’s Bistro & Bar, he really enjoyed this. He said, the place had a really good vibe to it, and his voice was doing really well that night. He practiced non-stop for this show, and all the work paid off. In the seventh grade he put out his first CD, with a bunch of cover songs on it. At the end of the year for the awards programs his music teacher Mrs. Watts, made a plaque for him with his name engraved with the CD he had made. He still has this hanging in the studio till this day.

The songs that Brandon writes are incredible. He has a natural talent for writing. One song he wrote, On My Own, is so simple, but the words with the melody just sticks with you. This is brilliant! He has a close friend where he lives that he looks up to, Matt Woodside. Brandon says, he is one of the greatest song writers he knows. They would always jam together, and Brandon is always blown away very time Matt shows him a new song he wrote. He says, Matt puts so much emotion in his songs, and the words just flow with the melody, that it just catches your attention, and done in a unique and simple way. This is exactly what Brandon does with his songs, it is obvious that his time with Matt has certainly paid off. He has now around 27 songs written, and his songs are aiming towards the softer indie sound that he wants.

Brandon truly loves music, and loves to make music. Like any other musician it would be awesome for him to be famous someday, but no matter what, he intends to make a living playing music, even if it costs him a lot of sleep, and looses many hours off his life from living in a tour van. He is not going to sit back and wait for someone to come and hand it to him, he is going to make the best of what he loves to do, anyway that he can.

He is a real cool guy and is always ready to talk music with anyone that has the same interest as he does. Be sure to keep up with Brandon’s music on YouTube, Brandonmoore24  . He has all the potential to make it as big as anyone on the radio today.