Brayden Ryle

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Most people when they think of Tennessee the first thing that comes to mind is Nashville and country music. Well there is a small town just outside of Nashville called Clarksville where a little man by the name of Brayden Ryle lives that just might be changing all of this old thinking. When Elvis came along he got the state of Tennessee rock’n and made Memphis famous and Brayden just might be doing the very same. Brayden is like a mini Elvis and this young man is going to make Clarksville as famous as Elvis did for Memphis.

The thing is with this new up and coming heart-throb, he is only seven years old and no one had a clue he could sing or even wanted to. Brayden said he just watched his dad work with some singers and he enjoyed the music so he wanted to give it a try. One day he just asked his dad if he would record him, and his dad agreed and he shocked everyone with what he could do.

Even though Brayden is a rocker at heart his very first recording was a gospel song called, “We Know What We Do”. Then soon after he asked his dad if he would write a song with him and together they wrote his very first original, “Eye On You”. Brayden says he likes this song and it really rocks. This song does rock and so does the music video. He said it was a lot of fun making the video, but it was also a lot of work. He also says music is a lot of fun, but you have to work hard to be good at it. Brayden does work hard with his music, but it has all been worth it.

Brayden really does love singing and he says the best thing about it is being in the studio. He said he wished he didn’t have to fix so many lines, but it all sounds good when it is finished making it all worth it. “My dad hears everything that’s wrong but, I think he is a professional” Brayden said.

Brayden currently has only one video out, but that video has gained him a great deal of attention from various TV shows to Disney looking to take him on. He has not followed up on any of these leads, but he has appeared on cable TV recently where he lives. Brayden says he feels that it is good that people want to sign him for things, but “I am just seven years old, maybe I will sign when I am in the third grade”, he said.

People are fast learning who he is and when they see him they are already asking for his autograph. Brayden says it is really cool when people ask him for his autograph, but he likes spending time with his dad doing what he loves.  He does love what he does, but so does the girls. He has become a heart-throb over night and it will not be long before they start mobbing him everywhere he goes. Brayden says he really likes the girls, but his friends say they are not any fun, but Brayden says, they are pretty.

He would like to thank everyone that has watched his video and the nice things that are being said. He really does love his fans. Also be on the look out for his next song coming soon. He is currently back in the studio again recording his new song, “Live Wire”. He said he can’t wait to hear it when it is finished, it rocks even more the “Eye On You”.

Brayden is a wonderfully talented kid and a blast to be around. He loves to rock and it is only a matter of time before people will be thinking of Brayden when Tennessee is talked about. Get ready girls the new Elvis is coming and his name is Brayden Ryle.

Be sure and catch his new video right here as soon as it is released.