Brian Inerfeld

Brian Inerfeld at stars2come





Brian is an amazing young artist in South Florida, and he was the very first person to perform for what is now Tunes for Tots. Tunes for Tot is made up of many great young artists around the world, and you can bet he is very honored to have been the first. Brian was singing karaoke and Jason the founder for Tunes for Tots invited him out to sing for a Make A Wish fundraiser. Then he met a girl named Ashley and it all took off from there, and Brian says he is very proud to be apart of a great organization as Tunes for Tots.  He has also been interviewed by channel 7 for the Tunes for Tots.  The Tunes for Tots Holiday Tour begins this weekend and this would make a great time to get out and hear Brian and help out a great cause it the process. You can also catch him at BB Kings Tunes for Tots Concert December 2. He is amazing do not miss him.

Brian has done a lot of great things using his amazing voice and the thing is, he only started singing about three years ago. It all started at a community theater that his parents took him to, to audition for. From this beginning he has done many great performances and one of his favorite is performing for the Starlent Arts School Tour. On this tour he really likes performing for the Broward school students. Brian says they are the best audience ever. They sing, cheer, clap and dance and are very happy that they came to sing. Brian says the Tunes for Tots Mall tour is also very fun and most of the kids come out and sing.

When he sings he likes to cover Bruno Mars. Brian says he always looks like he enjoys what he does and is having a good time. He says he also likes to cover Steve Perry and Freddie Mercury because they are rock stars. When it comes to singing he just loves everything about it. It is just apart of who he is. He hopes to make a difference in the world with his music and always sing because he enjoys it, not because he has to. Brian also says, he is just a regular kid and grateful for all the amazing support and opportunities that he has been given.

Brian is a person that you really need to get out and hear. He has a lot of great things that he is doing for the Tunes for Tots, but he also has some other great performances coming up as well. He still has the Starlet Arts School Tour, also the Kids Are Alright Concert Friday November 23. He will be starring as Young Patrick in The Curtain Call Production of Auntie Mame, opening night November 30. You can  not go wrong going to one his performances he is great at everything he does, and it is amazing how much he does to benefit others. Wonderful music and helping others, you just can’t beat that. He is amazing!