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For those music lovers who thrive for grand and immaculate  voices, well here is your girl, fourteen year old Brooke Falls. Brooke is seasoned far beyond her years giving her the ability to deliver a performance with perfection and great meaning. A person cannot experience one of Brooke’s performances without finding themselves in awe and becoming a lifetime fan. For anyone to go looking for someone greater than Brooke’s caliber will find it to be a very difficult task.

It is not surprising to have learned Brooke started out in theater, Brooke’s voice is geared for the stage.  And it was this beginning that led her to perform more as a singer. Since she has begun performing as a singer, she has been singing at various venues around Philadelphia for about a year now.

So far with her numerous performances, performing at the Ardmore Music Hall was one that was amazing. When Brooke performed at the music hall  the song she loved the most was, Mack The Knife. She liked this song because the audience had so much fun, and when the audience is having fun, then so is she.

Brooke Falls at stars2come  Brooke in her short career has already become an award winner. In 2011 she won first place at her school’s talent show. Then in 2012 she was the grand prize winner in the Rising Stars vocal competition. More recently Brooke was nominated and won the overall outstanding female vocalist award at Upper Darby Summer Stage.

Singing is without a doubt what Brooke was put on this earth to do. When she is out performing it always makes her feel good when she sees the audience feels the music as much as she does. At her performances you can usually count on something from Broadway, these are the songs Brooke loves to cover. Brooke likes many different artists and one of them she loves to cover is Sarah Brightman.

Her goal as a singer is to try to carry on the legacy of opera/classical music. “People today are singing so much pop music which is fine, but I do not want the beauty of classical music to be lost” says Brooke.

Brooke is currently working on her first album. She says it is an R&B 60’s kind of music. One of the songs on the album will be one she wrote herself. Brooke has four singles out now and you can purchase them through her website,

Music is Brooke’s life, and music is the one true thing that makes her smile and makes her day so much better. It is not the kind of music that brightens her day it is just music in its self.

Brooke is one of few artists that carries the ability to sing any style of music and be able to rise to the top in whatever she chooses. However when listening to Brooke it is very easy to imagine a full orchestra behind her singing to a sold out  Madison Square Garden. This is her destiny and the music world has become more grander now that Brooke is part of it. What a wondrous voice she has.