Brooke Rose

Brooke Rose at stars2come




We have a great rocker here coming out of Southern California. Brooke Rose at sixteen is keeping California move`n with her performances whether it is covers or originals, she keeps them rock`n.

Brooke has been singing her whole life. When she was growing up Brooke was surrounded by a musical family, and some of this was sure to rub off on her. The music did rub off and now here in the past couple of years she has taken her career to the professional level. She has gotten in with a couple of great vocal coaches to help her along her musical journey. One is Patty Cabrera, who is a Christian Dove award winning artist, and soon she will be under Nick Cooper`s direction as well.

Like so many Brooke started off  in talent shows and was also involved in musicals growing up. Her performances began to get bigger and bigger once she started doing the National Anthem, for the Dodgers, Lakers and many more.  What she really likes is when she gets to do performances that she can share with family and friends. She says, it makes the experience even better. Brooke also enjoyed when performing with the Talent Bootcamp in Hollywood Showcases at the famous SIR Studios on Sunset Blvd. She basically just loves to perform where ever and when ever she can. Performing is a big part of her life. All this musical background has eared her some nice awards for her performances. She  won the 2010 7th Annual Omni Youth Music and Actors awards, which was for Best Pop Performer.

Brooke loves to write her own music. She has co-written all of her songs, with help from Ashley Poole. She writes all her songs from her own life. She says, by writing about her life she connects better with the performance. She believes that music should speak from the soul. Brooke has a real passion when it comes to her music, she wants as many people as possible to hear and relate to her music. She wants her music to touch, heal and help people. She hopes to be a lot like Micheal Jackson, who was out to heal the world through music. Brooke loves to perform for benefits, this is her way of giving back with the gift that god has given her, and that is music. Be sure to stop by the Roxy Theater Saturday June 18 , and give Brooke your support, Brooke is a Nominee for 2011 Pop Single of the Year, by the 21st La Music Awards.