Brooklyn Hall

Brooklyn Hall at stars2come

 Carrie Underwood needs to watch her back, because here comes Brooklyn, and she just might pass Carrie up! Brooklyn has a way of putting the emotion in a song that truly gets your attention. Brooklyn has such a great tone in her voice, that when she sings a song like “Temporary Home”, she is going to touch your heart. There is  another thing that Brooklyn has, and it`s that beautiful red hair, and award winning smile.

 This amazing young thirteen year old lady from Alabama, only started singing a few short years ago, at the age of nine. With the voice she has, it is like she has been singing for twenty years, and you never tire from listening, it is just so enjoyable. How ever Brooklyn does take vocal lessons from Lauren Stroud, and I am sure that Lauren is proud to have such a talented young lady. Not only does she sing well, but she can hold her own on the guitar as well.

Brooklyn Hall at stars2come

 Brooklyn didn`t just start singing at nine, but performing as well. She began her singing career at her church, Calvary Baptist in Russellville. Her favorite place to perform has become the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville Tennessee, but it is not going to be far down the road till her favorite place becomes the Grand Ole Opry. There are many people who loves her singing. She has also won many awards , first and second places in singing competitions around the area where she lives. Brooklyn is taking her talents to a new level, and starting to write her own songs, and once these are recorded you can bet they will be awesome.

 This young lady has not been limited to just performing on stage, but TV as well. She has performed for the Nashville Spotlight TV show for kids. She hopes to be a great role model for kids who listen to her. She likes to help people, she doesn`t like them to be sad, and she will do what ever possible to make them happy. (All they need is to listen to her sing).  One of her goals is like most, to become a famous singer, and with her vocals and stage presence she has, it is sure to come true. Brooklyn can cover songs from Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and Kelly Pickler, with as much heart as any of them. The music world needs to get ready for this little red head. Everyone knows that red heads are fighters and don`t give up, and you can bet that she will not give up and will fight her way to the top. CMA get ready, here comes Brooklyn!