Brooklynn Paige Conley “Little Loretta Lynn”

Brooklynn Paige Conley at stars2come


There has been many great country and bluegrass singers come out of Kentucky and there is many more coming up today.  One of the greatest singers to ever walk the stage was Loretta Lynn, who`s home place is in Eastern Kentucky. There must be something in the water down there, because that part of the state keeps growing some of the finest country singers in the country, and I want to introduce you to the next country star to follow in Loretta`s foot steps. Just twenty miles from Loretta`s home you will find nine year old Brooklynn Paige Conley “Little Loretta”. People where she is from call her “Little Loretta”, and for good reason, if you listened to her with out looking you would say it was Loretta. Many people try and imitate others by trying to sound like them, but for Brooklynn this is her natural voice, and it is as country as you can get. There are a lot of great country singers now and coming up, but you will not find many as pure country as Brooklynn.

Brooklynn Conley at stars2come Brooklynn “Little Loretta” has been winning the hearts of people all around Eastern Kentucky since the age of three. At three years old she won first place at a 4th of July pageant Mr. and Miss Firecracker and has won it every year after. Since she started,  she has won every contest she has been in.   She just began vocal lessons three months ago with Clyde Porter at Mountain Arts Center, but listening to Brooklynn, it makes you wonder who is really giving the lessons him or her? Clyde for sure has one of the best up coming stars to work with. Brooklynn loved performing in Pikeville at the Hillbilly Days Festival this year. She got to perform on the Pepsi and Mountain Dew stage singing ten songs. The Pepsi people enjoyed her so much that they asked her to come back and perform more in June and July. Brooklynn has so much fun singing and loves to be on stage and entertaining people with her music. You can bet everyone enjoys every word she sings.

Brooklynn just finished recording her first ten song demo CD. This was her first time in a studio, and she was so excited, but she hopes that the next time it will be recording her own songs. This might happen not far down the road. She has not written anything yet, but she has been keeping notes of things that one day may turn into some great songs.

Brooklynn is living in a wonderful place where everyone supports and enjoys her singing. Her school is behind her 100%. She said, there is not a day goes by where she doesn`t sing for her teachers and class. Often teachers will come and get her to sing for their classroom. You just can`t hardly find this kind of support, but it is here in Eastern Kentucky, and they are all standing behind “Little Loretta”. She is always getting calls to perform locally, but she hopes to one day do something to get noticed.  She hopes that everyone enjoys her singing as much as she loves doing it.

The love and the passion she has for music shows in every song she sings. Brooklynn`s heart is country with a beautiful country voice to match. “Little Loretta” just might become the next Queen of Country Music.