Bryanna Trece

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Bryanna is a brilliant Spanish singer, and she brings a whole new meaning to the word excellence. Songs in Spanish has always been beautiful and the artists are fantastic when it comes to expression, but none are as good as what Bryanna can do, she is a true exception. Her music is so enjoyable to listen to, and you find yourself shaking your head in amazement thinking, wow! unbelievable! After writing about many Spanish singers, Bryanna is truly at the very top, her vocals and delivery are magnificent! She lives in Canada, and there is many great artists young and old there, and she is one of the best of any age.

You can always tell when someone starts off early in life with singing, and with Bryanna the evidence is very clear. Bryanna started off at the ripe old age of “1” singing for her family. She first appeared on stage when she was seven years old for a fundraising event for the victims of a earthquake in Peru.  This performance is very memorable for her because it was the first time she sang in front of a large audience. She was also in the newspaper because of her performance. She has done very well in competitions, she won first and second place at the CML Festival and made it to the semi-finals in Hidden Talent Toronto.

What Bryanna likes most about singing is how you get to express your feelings and get to act when sing, and hitting those high notes are a plus. She wants her music to be heard world wide and enjoyed by everyone. She has many artists that she likes to cover because of the different styles of music, but she also likes the songs her dad writes for her. Bryanna’s dad writes all of her songs for now, she hopes to be able to write her own one day. When she was four years old, she would spontaneously make up lullaby songs and sing them to her little sister.   Her dad is a brilliant writer, and should be doing it for a living. One song her wrote called, “De Mill Colores” is exceptional. Bryanna brought true life and beauty  to this song, and there is no way anyone could have sang it any better. It is easy to imagine this being the theme song of a Spanish soap opera, it is a perfect fit.

Bryanna is a very perseverant and well determined. She says singing is her ever lasting love. She is against bullying, she respects people and expects people to respect her. She is very passionate about her singing and it shows with every note she sings, there is no holding back.  Bryanna is a artist in all sense of the word, and the music world does hold a place for her music. Bryanna is just beginning to spread her wings, and soon she will be soaring high. She is brilliant now and one can only imagine what she will be like in just a year from now. Bryanna is pure excellence!