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 The name Hitchcock has been known for many years and one often thinks of the dark, but brilliant Alfred and his films. He was pure genius with how he brought these stories together bringing such mystery to them, and more importantly keeping a person always wanting more. Alfred may have passed away, but that great genius mind is back again belonging to another Hitchcock. Bryce Hitchcock while she bares the same last name as Alfred, they are not kin to each other, but the music she brings is as brilliant as his films. Alfred was known worldwide, but the creativity that Bryce carries will make “her” name even bigger.

Bryce has been involved in one way or another with entertainment since she was very small, but she did not get that active with singing until about eight years of age. In Franklin, Tennessee she was with a local performance group that sang at various venues throughout the city and this was her start. She says this was really fun and it gave her great experience for performing her own songs. Here recently she did get the chance to perform her own songs outside family and friends when she played live on a radio show. Bryce said it was nerve-racking at first, but once she got into it, she realized how cool it was that the songs she had written were finally being shared.

When Bryce is out on stage somewhere and not performing her own stuff, she likes to cover Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars. She says they are both are very talented singers and songwriters, and she absolutely loves their music. She also says they are doing what she hopes to do, write for herself, collaborate, and write for other artists too.  Performing is what she loves to do and wants to continue for a longtime to come, it is just an indescribable experience for her. One of the coolest things for her, is just being able to share her experiences with others who might be going through the same thing and affecting them with the performance.  This is something that has proven its self, her performances do affect people, and it affects them in such a way that you do not want it to come to an end and you can feel it inside. She literally has something magical in her voice that lures you in and adds so much feeling to the song.

Bryce Hitchcock at stars2come Bryce is an amazing person in many ways and one of these amazing ways is her songwriting ability. When she was asked what her goal was, one of the things she said was, “My goal is to write music that people can relate to. I want them to be able to listen to my music and realize that they are not alone. If my music could do that, I would feel like I truly accomplished something”.  Bryce has certainly accomplished a lot with her writing, and everyone that hears her music connects very quickly.

She has written many songs, but one of these songs that really grabs people is called, “Runaway”. This song captures people so well because it tells the truth about how, pretty much everyone has felt at one point or another in their lives when they lost someone they loved and feeling extremely guilty about it. She hit this idea and feelings right on the money, this is a feeling that everyone knows, and everyone understands each word she sings. Bryce says the idea actually came from a book called, “Here” by Denise Grover Swank. She also says one of her favorite things about the song is that it is relatable to a lot of people. Currently Bryce is in the process of adapting the book into a movie and the song was written for the soundtrack.

With so many songs written, Bryce still has a special song called, “Not The Girl”. This song has remained special for her because it was the first song she wrote entirely by herself. All of her songs are amazing and she draws inspiration from many things like, personal experience, books, movies, and television shows. She says she has even written songs that had started as a joke, and at some point it becomes a serious idea. Bryce also says she is always keeping an eye out for new ideas because you never know where the inspiration for a song will come from.

Bryce is a great person with a wicked sense of humor. She loves writing parodies; she will usually start with a popular song and write lyrics about current news stories. She says it is all in good fun and not trying to be mean, but she has lots of ideas with all the stories about Justin Beiber and Lindsey Lohan. Bryce is not only talented with her writing, but she is also an actress on camera and off. She has been on multiple TV shows including Modern Family, Lie to Me, and My Name is Earl. She is also a voice over artist, and her voice can be heard behind several characters on TV, radio, film and video games.

Bryce has a lot of great things coming up that no one should miss. On September 16th at 10pm EST she will be on a radio show called, Blog Talk Radio/Facets Of The Heart. She will be live answering questions and they will be featuring her music. This will be an exciting show to tune into because a lot of the songs that will be played have not been released and they are not planned to be for several months, so now is a great time to get a sneak-peek. She will also be doing a 24 hour show called, Beyond the Spotlight on UBN in September to promote awareness of charities. Everyone needs to keep track of what is going on with her by visiting regular, Facebook, YouTubeTwitter, and her website.

There is no question Bryce is brilliant at what she does. Her voice itself has so much character and depth and this lends a hand to the mysteriousness and darkness that is in her songs. Bryce is a very sweet person and a lot of fun to be around, but everyone seems to wonder where this all comes from. It is simple, she thinks and looks at things in life differently than most, and it is called creativity. Just like Alfred, Bryce has the ability to wrap a person around her finger and pull them into the story, but she does it with her voice. While some of her songs do have a bit of the darker side to them, they are so relatable, that they will shed a lot of light on others. What Bryce does is nothing short of pure “genius”!


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