Girls you better line up now!  Cause here comes Burnham they are going to be right on the Jonas Bros. heels.  Burnham is made up of three brothers  Forrest  Fourteen years is the lead singer, Alex seventeen years lead guitar and vocals and Andre sixteen piano, bass, guitar and vocals.  They live in Vermont, U.S.A. and these guys are rockin the snow off the trees there. The video above is of one of their originals ” Headspin “an awesome song and cool video. They said ” that they wanted to put something different up,  so they put together a few ideas and went outside to film it “.  Alex done the editing and Forrest came up with the name . They said ” they was proud of because it was their interpretation of the song” . ( and done a very good job I might add ) . 

    Forrest joined his brothers when he was about eight.  He was watching his brothers rehearse when their instructor told them,  they can`t play 10 minutes of Stairway to Heaven and not have a singer,  Andre said ” Forrest will do it “, Forrest got up and sang and never looked back.  Alex started playing the guitar when he was nine years at a music school near-by.  Andre the master of_ all_  started playing the piano at about eight years from a music school, then taught himself the bass, acoustic and electric and now learning drums, his nickname is M.D. for music director.  The three of them makes for an excellent group,  the video below is ” Magical Mystery Tour ”  this video shows off how well they are together, the harmony in this is fantastic.

   They entered the battle of the bands in Vermont and won it .  That got them the opportunity to play their song ” Goddess ” on a tier 1 radio station WEQX.  That got them a spot in Albany, NY Larkfest and opened for ” Moby ”  About two years ago they were playing and a friend recommended them to see a producer in NYC .  They got with the producer and started writing originals, then started looking at record labels and decided on  Island Def Jam .  The Burnham brothers are now traveling back and forth to NYC working on their CD,  they say,  they hope will come out in the next six months.  ( I for one,  have faith in them,  that it will be a success ).  As you watch the videos you can really see the talent that each of them bring.  Alex can really jamm on lead guitar , Andre well everything he plays is awesome , then comes Forrest this guy has great vocals , he is fantastic in front of the camera, he can really put on a good show,  you can see  he has alot of fun doing it ,( for me it is alot fun to watch and listen) they bring it together so well.  I asked them about the camera focased on Forrest all the time ( which is normal for lead )  they Told me ” We are so lucky to have Forrest and we are proud of him. Everytime we hear the new recordings of his vocals we all get really excited ” .  I was real glad to hear that , that told me how close they are as brothers. I think that is awesome.  I am proud of,  all of them .     I have enjoyed talking with these guys,  they are really cool .  Everyone should give these guys your support, and take a minute and say hi.   I have more video below for your enjoyment.  You can find these guys on there channel  …www.youtube.com/user/BurnhamBrosBand …their blog http://burnhambrosbandhq.blogspot.com/

    I want to thank Alex , Andre and Forrest .  Your great guys keep`m rockin.