Caitlyn Brette

Caitlyn Brette at stars2come

 Caitlyn has a sensational country voice. Her stage performance is fantastic, she can really bring the audience to life. She also has a great country shine to her, making for a great stage presence. This little Texas gal, can  put a big smile on your face with her music.

 Caitlyn has a very inspirational and up-lifting story about starting to sing. She was about three or four when her dad noticed that she would sing in pitch, even though she didn`t know the words. Caitlyn had a bad lisp when she was younger, and a speech therapist told her mom that singing could help her over come the lisp. Well one thing is for sure, there is no lisp in her singing,  just beautiful music and her fans love it.  The great vocals she has, all comes without any vocal training, this is pure and natural talent.

 Caitlyn has just started learning the guitar and bass. She has been learning from someone very special, her dad. Her dad use to be in a local band, “Black Jack County” , when she was about six she started doing guest spots with them at parties. When she was about eight her and her dad would sing at every open mic and Texas Opry that would let her sing. She says, her dad, is her band. He does perform regular with her playing the guitar, and it shows in his face, that he is so proud of his daughter.


Caitlyn Brette at stars2come

 Caitlyn loves performing, and she has been getting around quite well. She loves to perform in Nashville, she goes three to four times per year. She has been on the TV show Nashville Spotlight twice and has performed for the Nashville Spotlight showcase three times. She has also performed at Tootsies and sang some of her originals at Richard`s Cajun Cafe. Her favorite performance was opening at the Luckenbach Texas. At this performance, “The Voices of a Grateful Nation and Welcome Home Project did a benefit and broke the Guiness Book of Records, with the most guitar players playing at one time. She opened the show with her original song “Legacy of the Red, White, and Blue”.

 Caitlyn was also a top ten finalist at the 2009, Texas Independent Music Expo singer-songwriter contest, and she was the only kid. She was also a finalist at the 2010, Texas Country Music Hall of Fame showcase. Caitlyn is a fantastic songwriter as well as her whole family. When it comes to writing songs they basically do it as a family, with her mom, dad and sister, and like most country singers, they take the ideas straight from life. She is currently working on her first CD. The CD will have her original songs, plus a few written by some songwriter friends of hers.  What she really wants is to perform the Grand Ole Opry, she says, she can`t think of anything that could beat that. With her talent, it is a very good chance that she will be on that stage, and I would about bet, you will find her dad playing guitar right be-side her grinning from ear to ear. What a wonderful sight that would be!