Calista Quinn – New Jersey’s Queen Of Pop

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Calista Quinn is sensational and is New Jersey’s queen of pop. It was not long ago when people were just hanging out at home and all of a sudden everything began to shake, people were thinking it might be a trimmer, but to everyone’s amazement it was just a little girl singing with such power it could be felt for miles around. Calista is only ten years old and has an amazing amount of power in her voice and controls it better than most adults. When she  sings and let’s go with that power behind those notes, it is jaw dropping. The range that Calista has is incredible, and not only can she reach and hit those big high notes with precision but she also has this really awesome growl when she digs into a part that is just mind-blowing.

A lot of Calista’s skills as an artist can be seen and heard in her video, “Matter of Time”. This song was written by Calista and Kit Worton, she shows off all her range beautifully; ending the song with a super high squeal that is amazing. Her talent has no limits she can bring it all to any song. This not a song that only shows what Calista can do, but it tells a story that has happened to almost everyone. Calista wrote this song about a boy in school that she was waiting for him to notice her.and it was only a matter of time until he did. (You will need to watch the video to see if she gets her wish). This is a great song, but it is also one of the best videos for an unsigned artist out there. The production of it is truly amazing. Calista said making this video was the most fun she had ever had. She loved the whole process, they first auditioned for the dancers, then weeks of rehearsal, then came time to pick out the wardrobe, and finally they began filming taking three days to get it all in. It was all filmed in two different schools in Philly, then filmed in Ocean City NJ. Calista said it was a blast making this video and working with everyone.

Everyone really owes a great deal of thanks to Calista’s grandma who pushed her to take vocal lessons. She had always loved to sing, but it took her grandma to really get things going, and wow look what we have now, amazing! Calista’s grandma had known since she was about two that she was going to be an awesome singer, and boy was she right. What a great turn of events that ended up happening after all this that Calista’s mom 40th and grandma’s 60th birthday bash would be her very first public performance. She had just started voice lessons so she sang the first song she learned called, Stupid Cupid. Everyone loved it.

Since Calista has started sing she has amazed people everywhere she has performed, and one of these places was the Apollo. She really loved performing at the Apollo on the stage where so many of her idols had performed. The audience here was so taken by her performance they were cheering her on all the way through ending with a standing ovation. Calista said it was so awesome hearing the crowd scream. She has also performed at Hershey Park where she had her own dressing room; she was the headliner and felt like a true star. However for her mom she loved it when Calista performed at Madison Square Garden and her dad’s was at Disney World.

Calista Quinn at stars2come Calista’s talents have not gone unnoticed. This past summer she was one of the winners at Sea Isle City’s Got talent and in 2012 she was OnStage NY’s national vocal champion. Also the same year she was their 1st place mini soloist overall. She has competed for three years in vocal and dance and has won many trophies.

Calista has been doing a great deal in TV and is currently hosting a segment of Party Rockers Tween Scene called “Road To Your Dreams”. This shows her journey towards making her dream as a recording artist come true. This show was created so everyone can see that they too can make their dreams come true with hard work and determination. She also just finished filming a pilot for a new TV show called, “Star Finders”. This was something just out of the blue, she was at church with her family when the film crew just ran up and said they were told by another person, that she was the next big thing, and asked her to sing right there. Once they heard her they were hooked and a few weeks later they filmed the show. Calista said it was so much fun.

It does not take long when watching Calista that she truly loves to entertain. She says she loves to make people happy. She hopes to one day do a world tour and be a famous recording artist. Calista certainly has the talent to make all her dreams come true they are in her reach and getting closer everyday.

She has had some amazing things happen and one of them is heading to Hollywood. She has been offered an artist development deal, but she will not be going empty-handed. When Calista heads back to Hollywood she is going to be armed with 6 more of her own songs, and if they are anything like, Matter of Time she is going to bow the charts off the wall.

Calista is a great artist and writer and all of her songs are special in some way. It was her mom that sort of helped her get things rolling with writing. One day when they were out driving Calista asked her mom, “how do I start writing a song”? Her mom said, “you can write about anything at all, for instance someone actually wrote a song about a rainy night, called I Love A Rainy Night”. Since then, Calista seen that she could write about anything, and did.

Calista is amazing, but she says she is just a regular kid. She also says that she is so lucky to have a mom that is willing to take the time to home school her so she can do all her performing arts training during the school day. Calista said her life is so awesome, to do what she loves to do, which is perform.

It was not that long ago when her grandma pushed her to go for vocal lessons and when she did, Calista was taken to Sal Dupree. Calista says Sal is so awesome, and he has brought out the best in her vocally and as a person. She says she loves him so much and owes so much to him for all the time and opportunities he has given her. Sal has always brought out the best in his students and Calista is another great artist he has brought to light.

Calista is amazing beyond belief. For ten years old and can do what she does, the world is open to her. There is no doubt that Calista was put on this earth to sing, God gave her a wonderful gift and her grandma seen it and now we can all share in this gift with her. She has the gift to make us smile or cry. This gift will make the world her’s one day and it will be a joy to see and hear all the great wonders she will bring.  She is New Jersey’s Queen of Pop, but she will soon be the new Queen of Pop World Wide. God gave her a gift and what a wondrous gift it is.