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11-year-old Cameron Molloy, like many other aspiring young artists, started singing around the house at an early age. Cameron was three when he began showing an interest in singing. At seven Cameron began taking guitar lessons, but because of an over zealous instructor pushing a bit too hard he soon lost interest. With his own love for the guitar Cameron’s dad switched him to a new instructor by the name of Robbie Broad who, in Cameron’s words, was awesome. Considering Cameron to be one of his best students Robbie took some extra time in teaching him. But Robbie quit teaching and Cameron needed another instructor. Cameron’s dad hired Marco Rocco a local musician and music teacher. If you watch Cameron’s videos you can see between the two they’ve taught him well. Marco accompanies Cameron when he plays at some of the bigger shows and you can see him on some of Cameron’s videos.

Himself taking lessons Cameron’s dad’s instructor heard Cameron playing and was impressed. He invited Cameron to play at the Damascus Coffee Shop for open mic night. At eight years old this was to become Cameron’s first public performance with him playing Nickelbacks ‘ Gotta Be Somebody’. I have to add, yes you will Cameron.

Here’s a list of what Cameron has since been part of:

  1. Maritime Idol Quarter Finals – February 2013
  2. Christmas Daddies – December 2012
  3. Sussex Valley Jamboree – October 2012
  4. NB Country Music Hall of Fame Gala Concert – September 2012
  5. Fusion by Matt Leblanc – September 2012
  6. Featured Audition (Episode 2) on YTV The Next Star – July 2012
  7. Stan Rogers Folk Festival – July 2012
  8. Road to Stanfest Songwriter’s Concert – June 2012

Cameron has appeared on television three times. Although he didn’t get a ‘golden ticket’ he auditioned for “YTV-The Next Star” making it through all the rounds with his original song ‘Spread Your Wings and Fly’ which he wrote in memory of his grandfather. The judges were crying by the end of his performance. Cameron has also performed on an annual charity event hosted by the CTV Network called the Christmas Daddies Telethon and was a special guest to the Country Music Hall of Fame Gala Concert. Ivan Hicks president of the Hall of Fame saw Cameron busking at a local farmers market and was so impressed he invited him to the show. Cameron had to learn two country songs in which he chose ‘Country Roads’ and ‘Mountain Music’. This was an incredible experience for Cameron. Not only did all 40 inductees play a song each it was Cameron’s first time performing with the backing of a full band.

Another big moment for Cameron was performing at Fusion – An Evening of Arts and Entertainment. For this he was rewarded with a standing ovation by an estimated 1200 people in attendance.

Maritime Idol is Cameron’s first talent competition. He is currently among the top 18 and is the youngest competitor to make it to the finals. He will be recording a song which is to be included on a CD called ” Top 18 Compilation CD”. The finals for Maritime Idol will be held in July. Hope you win Cameron.

Some upcoming events are:

  1. WinterWoven Fest guest performer – February 2013 (To be rescheduled)
  2. Riverview Arts Center Piano Fundraiser – February 24th 2013 at 7:30
  3. Maritime Idol Finals – July 2013

Cameron will be auditioning for YTV the Next Star in May this year. His favorite artist is Bruno Mars.

 In his spare time Cameron plays hockey for the Moncton PeeWee AA Hawks. His favorite local hockey team is the Moncton Wildcats. Cameron’s favorite NHL team is the Boston Bruins and his Godfather Richard Peverley plays on the team. Other than becoming a recording artist or hockey player Cameron is looking at mechanical engineering for his future goals. Asked what he wants people to know about him he says that he’s just a regular kid doing what he loves.

Story by: Richard Fultz a stars2come contributor.