Cammie Lester

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Cammie is an amazing new country/pop artist from Florida and she is making a lot of waves in music. The sound this girl has is so refreshing, her voice just flows so nice and smooth and blends very well with the guitar. Cammie has just made the sunshine state of Florida much brighter. Cammie does have great vocals, but she has a lot of charm and charisma; she has the whole package to take her all the way.

We are all so lucky to have such a wonderful artist coming up in this world like Cammie and she got her inspiration to start all of this from her middle school chorus teacher Mrs. Williams. Cammie loved performing in choir and show choir throughout her middle school years. Cammie made her very own  public appearance in a small local talent show in her hometown where she took first place for her age group. She played “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato on her keyboard and sang.

Cammie has been doing a lot of performing and one of the performances that she really liked was at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando Florida. This was the American Idol Experience and her performance was in front of a live 1000 seat audience. Cammie ended up winning her show, and came back that night for the finale and won the grand prize, The Dream Ticket. This ticket allows its holder to advance to the front of any American Idol audition, which she does plan to use once she turns fifteen the age limit for Idol.

When Cammie is on stage that is when she is most at home and nothing else matters, she just gets lost in the song. She says when she is on stage her mind is a million miles away from the real world. When Cammie is not singing her own songs she loves to cover Miranda Lambert. Cammie says she loves her music and story lines behind her songs. Cammie said she loves country music even though she tends to have a lot of pop influences. She considers herself a country/pop artist.

Cammie does have some original songs out and one of them is “Ice and Fire” and this song really shows off how well her voice flows so smoothly and blends so well. This is a great song about that one person that no matter how much you love them and want to be with them you’re no good for each other, but still can’t stand  the thought of moving on without them. This wonderful song is just one of three that she has written and all her ideas and inspiration comes from life experiences and her feelings in dealing with them.

Cammie got excited when she ran into Marty Brown, it was so unexpected she got a little starstruck, but she says he is very down to earth. They did get to do a song together and they sang Allison Krouse song “When You Say Nothing At All”.

Running into Marty was pretty exciting, but she also has other exciting things coming up, one is her Dream Ticket, which she turns fifteen in May. Here recently she joined forces with Tunes For Tots to benefit the Make A Wish foundation. She will be performing with them at BB Kings in Nashville in February. Also she has the Florida State fair that she will be performing at along with several local fairs.

 Cammie is a genuine person, she is the real deal. She says she has a very kind heart and a bit of a softy for the underdog. Her friends and family mean the world to her and her passion is music. She also says no matter how big she might become, she will always cherish her roots.

Cammie talks about Marty being down to earth, but so is she. You can tell she is a warm person, and certainly has a lot to give the music industry. It is going to be a real treat to see Cammie grow in music and see just how big she will become. It is no doubt she was made to sing and she does it beautifully.