Canada’s Jadyn Rylee

Jadyn Rylee at stars2come

No one ever knows for sure who the next star will be, the world is full of talented people. Every country has contributed to the stars of today. Canada is a country that has contributed many to the star list and continues to be one of the most prominent places for creating  new stars. Ten year old Jadyn Rylee is one of these new artists Canada is honing to become another star.

Jadyn is sharpening her already natural skills she holds inside. Watching Jadyn’s progression, it is easy to see her skills and creativity are coming to light nicely. It takes a lot of hard work to make it in the world of entertainment and Jadyn is not afraid of that. In her video, “Creep” it is evident she is pushing her boundaries, as well as animations, attitude and expressions all are coming out. The people who have become great like Katie Perry, Sia and Taylor Swift got to where they are by hard work, and pushing themselves to the next level in their performances. Emerging artists often ask why some people are excelling while others are not. The answer is simple, just look at Jadyn, she is doing what is needed to be one who excels. Jadyn loves what she is doing and she wants the reward that comes with the hard work. Today when you watch a video of Jadyn at ten years old, you are watching a star evolve, the ingredients are coming together so that one day she will shine brighter than the northern star. She will be who other ten year old’s look up to. Jadyn is so very special.

Jadyn Rylee at stars2come  It was the inspiration of other singers that lit the fire in Jadyn to want to be a singer just like them. She was always found singing around the house. One day when she felt she was old enough Jadyn asked her parents for singing lessons. She began her lessons at six years old at The Modern Conservatory of Music. Jadyn made her first performance at the school where she took lessons. They had a recital in Allison, Ontario. “I am lucky because my singing teacher is a great singer and performer” says Jadyn.

Jadyn has been getting around singing at various places. She sang at the Emerging Toronto Artists Awards last November and at the Canadian Model and Talent Convention at the beginning of the year. “CMTC was definitely my favorite so far” says Jadyn. She was also in Hidden Talent Canada, which she thought was awesome.

There’s no surprise that Jadyn is already taking home awards from her singing. She received at trophy for second place singing at CMTC. Last year she was awarded two golds and one bronze from Simcoe Arts Festival.

Music is a way of expressing a person’s feelings and this is one of the things Jadyn enjoys so much with singing. When she hits the stage, it is a feeling of happiness and excitement.

Jadyn loves to listen to music and sing. Some of her favorite songs are, My Immortal by Evanecense, Rise by Katy Perry, Human by Christina Perri, and Alone by Heart. With such a strong love and passion for music, she has now learned a multitude of songs from those she inspires to be like.

A dream of Jadyn is to be like those she looks up to such as, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. She wants to have a big stage just like them that she is able to walk around on and a huge crowd to sing to. It would also be a great dream to be in a position to be able to give money to charity. Jadyn is a very caring person and cares about what people think. She is already a great inspiration. Not only has she held a big interest in singing, but also in 2014 her interest in theater began to shine. Jadyn has since been in a variety of productions at the Gibson Center.

There’s so much other young people and even older can learn from Jadyn. With each video, there ‘s a difference from the one before. The reason is all the work she puts in, some just don’t put in the work necessary to become a person like Katy, or Taylor. Jadyn knows what she wants and is passionate about getting it. With each song she sings the progression is clear. The tone Jadyn has is growing more and more defined which will help her stand out even more. When it comes to performing a person is either a singer, or an artist. The difference is, just a singer may sound good vocally, but the words they sing are empty, the story within is lost. But, when an artist sings, each word has meaning and feelings behind them. They are able to capture a person vocally and visually. Jadyn is good at this. Watching her eyes while performing it looks as if she is moving deeper into the story of the song with each word she sings. This is something that can’t be taught, people can either do it or not. There’s more than just singing good to be a star so much more. Jadyn is on the right track to be a true star, she has all the extra ingredients that it takes. Soon she will be well known all around the internet and then beyond. Would be perfect for Disney. Jadyn Rylee, superstar, has a good ring to it.