Carlotta Truman


 Introducing Germany`s own Carlotta Truman : The Rockin Pippi Longstocking. Carlotta at the ripe old age of ten is an outstanding vocalist singing ” Imagine ” ( Above ) is one of the best covers of this song I have heard. It is a very tender song and she really put her heart in it. When I heard her sing this song for the first time it gave me goose bumps and I new then,  that  she was something special.

 As you can see from the photo where Carlotta got her nickname of Pippi Longstocking. She is privileged to be called that,  Pippi is still a  celebrity in Germany ( I am a fan myself ) . Carlotta started to sing on stage at a year and a half still in diapers singing childrens songs. At nine years old she entered Germany`s Das Supertalent  compitition were she reached the final there,  she sang ” Mercy ” , If A Song Could Get Me You ” and ” Imagine ” in front of nine million viewers and done a two week tour of Germany.  Carlotta now ten has released her first single ” All In The Game ” a pop song to celebrate the World Cup in South Africa. Her dad says she is not a great football ( soccer ) fan but , with a house full of passionate supporters she figured if you can`t beat`m,  join`m.

 While Carlotta does have a tender side to her music, she don`t carry the name The Rockin Pippi Longstocking for nothing ( above ) she is singing ” Mercy ” and ” If A Song Could Get Me You ” and it shows she can rock with the best of them. Carlotta truly loves the stage,  when watching her videos you see she is always on the move,  a sign of a true performer. She loves it so much her dad says its hard to get her, off!  the stage. Not only does she love it, the audience loves to see her perform . After talking with her dad I can understand where she got her pep he is really cool and a bit funny and she now has all of that.

 Carlotta has been on several radio interviews and FFN`s two hour breakfast show. Most recently she got to perform her new single at a football game in Austria for 19,000 people, ( how exciting that must have been ) . For someone so young and doing so well,  has not had any,  voice lessons . She does how ever sing from the time she gets up till she goes to bed , always trying new styles. I asked what she likes to do for fun her answer, SING!!! . She does have a older brother and younger sister she plays with and sings with.  I don`t see how anyone can have more passion for singing than Carlotta from what I have learned from her,  it is her life and I believe she is going to have a very exciting life because of it. Carlotta has so much fun performing and it shows very well,  this is certainly star quality at its best. I know we will be seeing much more of her in the near future. I for one can`t wait to hear more songs from her. Carlotta has such an amazing voice and can sing anything and do it well.  Germany is very lucky to have her. If you would like to visit her channel or stop by at her myspace  I am sure she will appreciate it……