Carly Peeters

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 Carly is a little ray of sunshine. She is from Hawaii and now lives in LA, and when she moved, all that great sunshine came with her. Everything she does from singing, comedy, or just talking she brightens the day for everyone. You can see the sun radiating from her in  her performances and photos. Carly has many great songs and videos that will put a smile on your face. Her videos are very entertaining and put together with stories in them all. Many people will just stand and sing, but Carly likes to act out the story when making her videos, it is so creative in the way she tells these stories.

 Carly is talented in many ways. She is a great singer, but she is also a very funny stand-up comedian. Singing came first for her in the spring of 2010. Carly sang for the first time at her school fair at Lolani, in Honolulu, then sang several times at Don Ho`s Grill. This past August she enjoyed performing for a half hour at a Ronald McDonald House benefit. She played the ukulele and sang both originals and covers. She also did some stand-up comedy with the emcee, and really enjoyed being able to do the comedy and music for a good cause. One of her favorite places to perform was at the Tiki`s Grill in Honolulu, she sang three songs during their open mic and the audience wanted more. When Carly sings live she prefers to play her instrument as well, instead of singing with a karaoke CD, she finds this more exciting. She says there is so much to love in music, that is why she enjoys it so much. She also loves how you can speak to someone’s heart through music.

 Carly`s music is fantastic and very enjoyable to listen to, but she can tell some awesome jokes too. She is very bright and witty when it comes to her stand-up comedy. In February 2011 she tried her hand at stand-up comedy at the LA improv.  This opened her eyes about just how fun stand-up comedy really is. She enjoyed playing out her routine to the crowd and timing her jokes, just so. Carly was studying under Joey Paul Jensen and she has a stand-up improv comedy class that she really enjoyed. She performs with the Standing Tall Kids and Teens, it is a stand-up comedy troupe, and have 3-4 shows per year. Carly has performed four times at the LA Improv and once at Hurra’s in Las Vegas. She finds writing her material and developing a lot of fun. She says doing stand-up comedy lets her take her goofiness to a new level. If you ever get a chance be sure to check out some of her stand-up comedy she is hilarious.

 She is defiantly multi-talented, and when it comes to her videos she is no different, they are very creative and you can even see some that sun shinning through her in the videos.  Carly says she loves telling stories through her music and with her acting. One of her favorite videos to make was “Gunpowder”, because she made it during her short year in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. With this video she will always remember the farming town she lived in. She also made a video of the cover “Lazy Song” in Hawaii. She did change the lyrics a bit to make it island style. She says that there is nothing like making a video of one of your own original songs, which she did for “Dream and Pop Sells”.

Carly does love to sing and act, but she is also very passionate about reading.  She will read 1-2 chapter books per week, she reads so much that her mom refuses to buy books, so they spend a lot of time at the library. She has many activities to fill her time, a couple of these are dancing and horseback riding. It is amazing that she has any time for anything else, but she makes it happen some way just like working on her musical web-series. This series is called, Dream A Tweeny Musical, she has already posted the first video for this, “Pop Sells”. She will be releasing her songs as the episodes come up. She will be posting the next episode soon and you can catch it on her web site This is one amazing girl, she can do anything, and it is all very entertaining. It is incredible how much talent she has. Carly is someone that will brighten your day. Any time you feel down look up Carly and let some of that sun she carries shine on you.