Carmen Brandy

Carmen Brandy at stars2comeCarmen is a wonderful new artist that has made her way to Music City and now she calls it home. This has to be one of the best artists to hit the Music City, her voice is  hypnotizing, soothing and never  you want it to end, like a nice summer breeze, its heaven. Carmen is the bright new shinning star over Nashville.

Carmen has been out in many places getting herself known and she is leaving a trail of fans from Florida to Nashville and everywhere in between. In Florida she won the Largo Teen Idol and because of winning 1st place she got to perform at an amazing gig on the 4th of July. At the gig she got to perform for over 5,000 people and had an incredible band backing her up.  Carmen has also won 3rd place in the Dunedin Teen Idol and won an award for performing at the Cyber Bully event in Seminole, Florida.

Carmen has now brought her amazing talent to Nashville and is currently living close by and making herself known all around. In 2012 at Christmas she attended her first songwriter night at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel. She has also performed at Belcourt Taps and enjoyed how quaint the place was and while there some hipster guy offered to play drums for her. She said this was very cool.

Performing can be an amazing experience and for Carmen seeing her fans and making a connection with the audience is an amazing thing. Her performing has also landed her on TV many times as well. She has been on news stations performing and has performed on an all youth show called, Stepping Out Talent Show with WWF Brian Knobbs. Carmen has also appeared on TV couple of times being interviewed about bullying and has been on the cover of Rising Talent Magazine.

As much as Carmen is talented vocally, she is as a writer as well. She has written over 80 songs so far and a couple of these songs are “I Feel The Night” and “You’re Beautiful”. Both of these songs are amazing and when she wrote You’re Beautiful the melody was written in her head then she got the hook and kept adding from there and it all came together into an amazing song. I Feel The Night is true perfection the lyrics flows like water and the melody has a great blend, music just don’t get much better than this. This, “is” art!

There is certainly a place for Carmen in the music world and with all the talent she has her place is coming, and she is going in with a bang! She is beginning to work Nashville very well and is currently filling her schedule with writing sessions and performances. Her goal is to get a publishing deal and be entered into the Country Hall Of Fame one day. With all of the creativity she has as a writer her goal will be reached. Soon there will not be a place around Nashville that she can go without people knowing her and that is soon to be the same for the country. Carmen is a new country star and we all sit waiting for her next amazing song. Be sure and catch all of Carmen’s songs on reverbnation.