Carmen Wyler

A lot of people in the music profession often try to mold themselves after someone else, but it is those who do their own thing that stands out. Carmen is one who likes to do her own thing in music. She does most everything herself, producing, editing, upload, record, it is all hands on for Carmen. Her love for music is what drives her.

The love she has for music came at an early age, and whatever she heard, is what she sang. After Carmen began learning the piano, her true love for music sank in even deeper. Her day ever since has been engulfed in music. At the age of ten, Carmen shared her musical talents with the public. The crowd was small in Liechtenstein, but she gave her performance. Liechtenstein in 2011, was just the beginning, and now she has many performances, and loves them all. “I like every performance because it’s just that fun” says Carmen. Her last big performance was at EYOF (European Youth Olympic).

When performing Carmen likes the old classics like, Nina Simone, Ray Charles, but she also likes the new. If she is covering a newer band or artist she likes Milky Chance or Alt J. Carmen says they have their own soul and styles in their songs.

The love of performing does run deep with Carmen, and is about the feelings. “The feeling and the ability to show your feelings and thoughts throughout music and sounds” says Carmen.

With great artists comes great original music. Carmen is currently in the process of producing her own song. She is very excited about it and is looking forward to releasing it. It will be alternative, but also moody, emotional and rocky. “I don’t want to set myself a genre, it has to sound how I like it” says Carmen. She invests a great deal of time and work in her music to make it just right.

She dreams to work everyday as a musician. She wants to support herself and live by what she loves.

Carmen does carry much talent, and she is driven by music. Her passion for music shows with every performance. The work she puts into music and the passion, will allow her to realize the dreams she has. It will be an amazing thing to watch her grow in music.