Caroline Dare

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A few short years ago a dark cloud came over Cincinnati Ohio, and North Carolina became much brighter and more beautiful; the reason behind all of this, Caroline Dare. Anyone would be hard pressed to find someone more adorable than Caroline, and the talent she has is what has made NC the place to be.

This wonderful girl finally let everyone hear just how talented she is. Caroline in October 2012 performed for the first time in public at her local county fair’s talent show. This show was just a few months after she began playing the guitar. She said it all went well. Even though she has not been performing all that long she has still gained a couple of favorites.  One of these is her performance at Kitty Hawk Kites in Nags Head, NC for the Rogallo Kite Festival. This one became a favorite because of the location which was right out near the beach and there were lots of people there from around the world. She also played at the Freedom Festival outside of Raleigh. She said she liked it here because she got to play on the same stage as many other great artists.

For someone who is basically just getting started she has had some great things to come her way. Caroline has been featured on the local news for her music and soccer accomplishments, which is amazing. Her new song and video, “Game On” has been featured on the US Youth Soccer show  which airs worldwide on The Fox Soccer Channel. She is also going to be on the Eastern NC Cystic Fibrosis Telethon where she will be performing one of her original songs live on TV. Caroline has become North Carolina’s bright shinning star.

Caroline is a great songwriter and one of these songs is called, “Someday”. This is one of the first songs that she wrote and it came about after she had a school trip to Myrtle Beach, SC and they had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. She was so mesmerized and amazed by all the famous guitars that it gave her a great idea for a song. It also turned out to be her very first video as well. She said it was a simple video, but it was a lot of fun and she learned a lot during the process.

Game On and Someday are great songs and are just 2 of the 21 that she has written. Caroline is currently in the studio working on 2 more of her songs that are special to her. One of these is a song of hope and awareness that describes how she felt when her aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago. The other is a Christmas song that she wrote this past Christmas Eve just before going to bed.

For Caroline it is always great to be out performing and she loves to share her own songs and get feedback from the audience. She said it is a really great feeling when people start singing and clapping along with a song you wrote. She is going to continue performing and keep working to improve with guitar and vocals. She hopes to one day meet Taylor Swift.  Some people may think that Caroline only likes music, but that is not true she has many interests. She loves animals and hopes to be able to volunteer at a shelter someday, but she also loves soccer, tumbling, dance, cheer-leading. When she was nine years old she even won a National Indoor Soccer Championship.

Caroline has some great things coming up this year. In late summer and fall she has several festivals and events around eastern NC and she will be doing her own show at the country fair where she made her first performance. She is also looking froward to playing at the local children’s hospital in the near future. Caroline is someone worth going to see and listen to, she has a great voice and has a wonderful gift for writing songs. There has been a lot of great things already happen for her in a short time, a person can only imagine how far this road is going to take her. It is going to be awesome to watch her talents flourish, she is  on her way to the top.