Carrie Smallwood

carrie smallwood at stars2come

 Carrie is a special girl for me , she plays the guitar and the banjo. I have not seen many girls to play the banjo and she does it beautifully , her voice fits so nicely with it ,_ a perfect match.  I love the older style of music she chooses , not many makes the choices she does and it is refreshing to hear her bring these old classics back to life.

 This fine young lady has accomplished a lot in the short time she has been performing. Carrie began guitar about three years ago , about this same time is when she began to sing. Last year at the shop where she takes her guitar lessons she seen a banjo and thought the instrument looked cool , tried it out and she liked the sound and immediately started taking lessons for it as well. I am very glad she did I like what she can do with it for only playing about a year , it`s great. She says , all her coaches for the instruments and her vocals are fantastic people and that she is very fortunate to have such talented instructors.  Carrie has been getting around quite well performing in many different places. She has performed at churches, festivals, fundraisers, and talent showcases.


carrie smallwood at stars2come

 Carrie especially enjoys playing at fund raisers because this is where she feels she is helping people the most. Her favorite performance so far was a at a horse ride for St. Jude last year. It is very noble of Carrie to put other people first and to care about them the way she does. She has been invited back again this year to perform for St Jude.

 Carrie has been doing very well with competitions , she has competed in the ACGMA and has won several state awards. Carrie has won numerous awards at the NACMAI including winning instrumentalist of the year. Her most important award was when she was named a young  ambassador of the year at the 2010 NACMAI in Pigeon, Forge, Tennessee . The young ambassador award is a special award that is given to  an individual that uses their music to promote various causes. 

 Carrie loves all kinds of music from country to gospel to rock. She loves her guitar and banjo and hopes to be able to show the audience the different styles of music that can be played on the banjo. She really loves to perform in front of a live audience , she says , the bigger the better. Carrie wants to be an all around entertainer and musician. I believe she is well on her way of accomplishing this goal she plays very well and has a wonderful and powerful voice. I know people every where are sure to like what she brings to the stage and when she brings it , there are going to be many smiling faces in the audience. She just began writing her own songs this year and I am looking forward to hearing them…