Cassandra Michaels

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Cassandra has one of the best pop sounds going.  She is a person that when you turn on the radio you are expecting her to be there, and she just might very soon. She has such a great quality in her voice and her recordings, you just think, why is this girl not on radio or TV now! WOW!  The sound that she has is better than most that are currently on the radio, this is where she belongs, period!

It would have been very nice to have seen Cassandra when she was young. She would often put on shows for her family and make them sit and watch for hours. She just loved to sing and would sing everywhere she went. Once she was singing in a church choir for a Christmas program, they were singing “Away In The Manger” and all of the other kids for got the words in the second verse, but Cassandra did not and ended up singing a big part of it solo and really loud. The other parents after the show was so amazed at how well she could sing, that they bragged to her parents about her after the show. How ever most of her performing when she was younger was in dance performances and recitals. It was not until she got older before she really started getting into singing. Her most favorite singing performance came at her home in Iowa, this was her very first time singing solo in front of a crowd.

Cassandra is doing very well with her career. Just recently she began vocal training with Eric Vetro, who happens to also coach people like Katy Perry. Cassandra says, he is absolutely amazing and feels very fortunate to get to work with him.

Cassandra Michaels at stars2come When she was eight, she started teaching herself piano. She tried taking lessons, but she got frustrated because she didn`t know how to read notes, but if someone played something she could repeat it. For Cassandra it is was much easier to just sit down and play if there was a song on the radio she wanted to learn. By the time she was ten, she started composing her own tunes. When age twelve came she sat down and actually wrote her first song, the music and lyrics. Her songs have now become truly amazing. Cassandra has a single out now that is awesome called “Say It Right Now”. This song is about a boy who acts like he is into you, but will not admit it or say it. It is giving him an ultimatum if you like me then say it. She is also working on another song that should be released early this summer. All these wonderful songs are being produced by none other than, Eddie Galan and Mach 1 Music. Eddie is about the top in the business, and he has a top artist to work with.

Everyone needs to keep an eye out in Southern California, because Cassandra is going to be on the move touring and if you are anywhere near you don`t want to miss it. All the booking has begun with the location dates, and these will be posted on her web site Cassandra  Michaels, so be sure to keep your eye open for the dates.

She loves when other people sings her songs. She says, it is the best feeling in the world. Cassandra should start getting ready, it will not be long before other people are covering her songs from one end of the country to the other. There is not much that she likes more than entertaining and performing on stage. Singing gives her an opportunity to have a positive impacted on other people`s lives. Cassandra is a person that will be making a very big impact on people and the music industry very soon. Then it i will not be touring California, but touring the world, and this girl can make it happen she has everything it takes, and going to take it by storm.