Cassi Hilbers

Cassi Hilbers at stars2come
    This wonderfully talented Australian beauty will honestly steal your heart. Cassi is as beautiful as a flower, with a voice that is so sweet and delightful, that you can`t help, but be drawn in. When watching her perform you can see that she is so happy singing, and wanting you to be just as happy.

 Cassi at just nine years old is doing very well vocally. She has literally grown up singing. Since before she could walk, she would be in her car seat humming along to songs in the car, and by the time she turned one, she was staying in tune. When she came around to age two, she would stand in front of the TV singing songs to her favorite shows. Soon after this she was enrolled in Kindermusik, which is a fun music class for toddlers. Cassi`s dad plays the guitar, and this may be where she got her ear for music. She would often sit with him when he was playing and sing. Every one was amazed at how quickly she would pick up and remember the words.


Cassi Hilbers at stars2come

 Cassi is doing very well, but how ever she had a horrible battle with pneumonia. Cassi wanted to take vocal lessons for quite sometime, but was unable to, because they lived in the outback of Australia, and there was no place for lessons.  Once they moved back to Perth, they got her book to begin lessons, but at the beginning of last year she came down with pneumonia. She was sick most of last year, missing nine months of school, and she ended up being home schooled by the hospital until the end of last year. Then in November they moved to Queensland, and here they enrolled her into the Goodwin Vocal Academy for lesson to strengthen her voice, from where she had lost it for a long time. Now that she is taking lessons, she loves it. She attends one day per week, but practices up to an hour a day. Cassi how ever has not yet done any public performances other than school plays. She has done a small amount with the Academy, where she sang a solo piece at the year end concert, she also was in involved with the closing numbers where she sang and danced. Cassi did end up winning the Choreography Award out of the whole academy. It shows that  the problems she faced is not stopping her, she is moving forward, and doing some great things. She is also attending a Junior Modeling and acting coarse at V Management, along with the addition of Musical Theater and Choreography at the Academy, and has started piano lessons.

 This year Cassi is coming out strong with many wonderful things happening. She now has many classes that she loves  to take, plus she will be performing at the Music Teachers Association of Queensland concerts on the Sunshine Coast, the Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddford in August, and the end of the year concert for the Goodwin Vocal Academy, and now is a member of the GVA Glee Club. With all that is going on, this amazing girl still has plenty of time to be a regular kid. Cassi enjoys drawing, painting, making up dances with her friends, and reading lots of books.  Cassi looks at things much different than most when it comes to music, she says, “everybody should sing, it doesn`t matter if you think you have a great voice or a bad one, you should just sing, it makes everything better”.  Everyone should have the same great attitude as Cassi, music is something that will put a smile on your face no matter how your day has been.  Cassi is someone who truly loves music, and now that she is taking lessons, no one has to ask or tell her to practice, she is always ready to sing.