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People always say that things are bigger in Texas, well that saying must be true because it’s home to one of the biggest hearts there is and it belongs to Cassie Patterson. This wonderfully talented young lady took it upon herself to reach out in some form to help other children in need. When she reached out, she did it with a song that she had written, with the idea coming from a  commercial she saw with children that had cancer. The name of this song is, “Swift Recovery”. Cassie said she really enjoyed writing this piece of music and it will always hold a special place in her heart. So far through iTunes and CD sales she has raised $365.00, with 140.00 going to St. Jude’s and 225.00 going to the Texas Children’s hospital in Houston. Cassie has done very well in raising money to help the children and all future money made from this song will be donated as well. She says she is not with any talent agency, and she thought of this all on her own.

Cassie started taking that big heart of her’s and performing for the public at the age of seven performing at the local community theater and school talent shows. Cassie now performs at many places, but one of her favorite places is, Woofstock. She really likes this because it is a charity event to raise money for homeless dogs. Cassie says they are a wonderful group that rescues dogs from shelters or the streets and find them loving homes. There is a place called, Dosey Does that is a favorite of her’s to perform as well because the audience is mostly singers like her and they all respect and support each other. She has done really well and has received the Directors Award from her choir and a medal for her singing. She was in the regional choir this year as well and has won the preliminary round in Pearland Idol the past 3 years.

Cassie truly loves to sing and loves to see the audience’s reaction to her performance. One of her goals is to continue to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Also she wants to share her music and passion for singing with others.

 Cassie continues writing and already has four written and two of those have been recorded. She is now in the process of recording two more songs and she is in the middle of writing another. She says that all of her songs are special to her because they are from her personal experiences. She likes to write things that happens to her, but occasionally she will find a topic that she wants to write about, but does not have any experience with.

Cassie is doing a wonderful job reaching out and helping other kids, and it is always amazing to see kids helping kids. She certainly has a great talent for songwriting and does a wonderful job delivering them. She has come a long way, and her friends and family have been very supportive of her singing. She says she would not be where she is today without them. To keep up with her music and charity work please stop by her website  often, you will be glad you did.