Castillo Kids


 Orlando Florida the home of Walt Disney World and,_  you guessed it,  the  Castillo Kids , the place is just full of entertainment. These kids are just that , they are great entertainment. They don`t just sing they put on a great show , I love the harmony , the energy and showmanship. So much fun to watch and listen , it  is awesome.

 I would like to introduce you to Joey  fourteen , Jessica twelve and Julie Ten , these kids have had a fabulous journey thus far. There journey began about five years ago and without any formal lessons.  How ever music does run in the family for five generations now. Their grandmother bought them each a guitar for them to start learning to play. Their dad plays violin and guitar so he began teaching them the basic chords. Then about two years ago they began learning more instruments,  now they have eight that they play,  guitar, bass, violin, piano, saxophone , trumpet, drums, and mandolin , Joey and Julie play the Sax and Julie plays Trumpet. These kids are amazing so much talent and I am grateful for them sharing it with us. It seems that many feel the same. They began getting requests about doing songs in different languages , so they did just that. Now they sing in eight languages English, Italian, Romanian, Japanese, Spanish, Botswana, Arabic, and Swahili. Now this is dedication at its best and this is why they have done so well and growing strong as artists.

castillo kids at stars2come

 About four years ago they began to learn songs. So they decided to put some up on YouTube for family and friends to see. Their family was not the only ones to take notice of what they can do. Some of their videos ended up being played on The Rachel Ray Show, The CBS Early Show,and The Oprah Winfrey show , this was an awesome thing for these shows are watched by millions. In 2009 one of their videos was picked for a commercial with Cricket Wireless and ran for about a year. I think one thing that really makes these kids stand out so well is that , the songs they sing they make them in their own style , not just coping the original and that is a very important thing.

 One of their favorite places to play was at  Abbey Road on the River in Louisville, Kentucky ( AROTR ) this is one of the worlds largest Beatles festivals. There was over 70 bands from around the world playing and there was only two kids bands invited and the Castillo`s was one of them. They performed this past Memorial Day weekend. One of their YouTube fans sent in a video to the AROTR promoters and things took off from there. They played five shows and was interviewed by three TV stations . Also the AROTR had their names listed on the t-shirts , so this became their first concert t-shirt.  ( Now that’s cool ).

 The kids have a few regular places to play each week.  Playing regular at a local nursing home for the elderly singing songs from the sixties till now. Every Saturday they play in downtown Oakland Florida , it is a street side performance that has grown quite well , the kids have gotten a very good following , people waiting on the street for them to perform. They just begun playing at Emilianoz Mexican restaurant every Wednesday on kids night.

castillo kids at stars2come

 One of the best things that has happened for Jessica and Julie was when they won the Jonas Bros. contest in August 2009.  Another YouTube fan suggested that they enter a contest by the Jonas Bros. To enter they had to cover the song ” Fly With Me “. They did their own acoustic version of the song and won. The prize was an autographed Epiphone eclectic guitar. About a week after winning they were contacted by Team Jonas and was invited to attend the Jonas Bros. concert in Tampa Florida . The kids got to meet the Jonas Bros. , sit in on the sound check and got to sit third row for the concert. ( WOW what a cool thing ). These kids are not afraid to go after what ever comes along . They have drive ,  ambition and probably the most important is they truly have lots of fun doing what they do best and that’s entertain. I would say they have a great future in-store. While they all love music and perform great together their individual lives are a bit different , each having their own thing going on.

 Joey  will be starting High School this year. He loves history and the History Channel. He also loves amusement parks especially roller-coasters ( me too ) and living in Orlando there are many to chose from. Jessica  she will be in the 7th grade this year,  she is in the Junior Honor Society . She also loves art she is very creative with drawing and painting , she enjoys writing and has written several short stories . Julie she will be in the 5th grade this year and is a straight A student and has gotten many awards . She wants to be a rock and roll doctor when she grows up. She loves music and wants to be a doctor so ,” she says ”  she can do both.  The Castillo Kids are a great example when it comes to music or anything else , you need to put your best into it and let loose and have fun , after all what good is anything if you don`t enjoy yourself.  This is an amazing group of kids with a lot to offer the world . Anytime you find yourself in Florida be sure to stop and see one of their performances , I know I will… I will have more of their songs below , some in other languages and originals I hope you enjoy them..