Catherine Elsey

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 Catherine is an eleven year old young lady living in the great state of Texas.  Catherine began singing by participating in the church children’s choir and the choir at school, but she never really has been one to sing a lot around the house, with the radio, or in the car.  Although Catherine has only been on YouTube for a mere nine months at the time of this writing she has developed quite a large following of fans and subscribers.  The above has a lot to do with her many live performances and personable demeanor that comes through in her performances.  Catherine started taking guitar lessons in February of 2012, when she was 10 years old.  She has one 30 minute lesson weekly.  Catherine seems to have an aptitude for music because she took violin lessons for a couple of years and was able to play some advanced Suzuki course songs.

 Catherine also has taught herself to play some of the same songs she played on the violin and guitar on the piano.  Catherine appears to have taken to playing the guitar and putting songs together very quickly.  Catherine first performed live in public at her school’s talent show held on March 24th, 2012, at her school in Fort Worth, Texas, where 400 people were in attendance.  Catherine really enjoyed her first performance held in front of her family and friends because it showed her that if she worked hard at something she actually enjoys, and then gets up in front of a crowd of people that they could enjoy and appreciate the hard work she put into making it happen.  Out of the 52 acts performing, Catherine received the third place award and she was thrilled beyond measure.

 When Catherine announced that she would be singing and playing the guitar at the school talent show it kind of took her family by surprise.  Catherine’s family had no idea what to expect, but she worked very hard independent of all of the family.  Her family later found out that she would play parts of “Fearless” and watch Taylor Swift sing it, and then video tape herself singing it and then in her own words, “I would change the things that looked stupid.”  Catherine would also take the laptop and work on the guitar with online tutorials in the same manner.

 Ever since that first live performance at school Catherine caught the entertainment bug and she would seek out opportunities to sing at karaoke sites and other open microphone venues.  If the venues didn’t have the tracks that she wanted to sing, then Catherine would sing the songs she wanted to sing in acapella.  Catherine has had the pleasure of performing at Billy Bobs Texas in Fort Worth, Texas, with the Texas All Star Revue group at a large venue with an amazing history.  Catherine has also had the pleasure of performing at the White Elephant in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards.  The hosts and people there were very supportive and she had a blast.  Catherine also did her first Music Showcase with the Fort Worth Song Writers Association in May of 2012 as the opening act at the Texas Grill in Fort Worth, and this represents the first time she played so many songs and played for 40 minutes straight, loving every moment and having a great time.

For mid article Although Catherine has yet to be featured on a local TV program, don’t rule that out of the realm of possibility because this young lady is gaining a lot of attention in her home town.  Catherine loves singing because she feels that she can express herself more easily through songs.  For example, if she’s feeling very happy and upbeat, then she can sing a fast and upbeat song to reflect that attitude, and if she’s feeling more serious-minded, then she likes singing slower emotional songs.  Catherine also delights in singing for the sake of the art and absolutely loves sharing her efforts with those who may enjoy hearing them.

  Catherine’s favorite artist to cover is Taylor Swift because her songs are emotional, lyrical songs that she can relate to as well as being catchy at the same time.  Taylor Swift is one of Catherine’s biggest inspirations and is a great role model for her and so many girls and young ladies.  Catherine says that Taylor Swift is the reason she wanted to learn how to play the guitar and the reason she sat in her closet for weeks practicing, recording, and taking videos of herself singing “Fearless” by Taylor Swift before her first performance at school.

 In February of 2013, Catherine is looking forward to going to Austin, Texas, with her family in order to record two original songs and one cover song in a Studio.  This will represent her first attempt at studio recordings of her own original work, and she and her family will put these on a CD and hopefully be able to share them with others.  Also, on March 10th, 2013, in Austin, Texas, Catherine will be the opening act for the No Parachute Music Group SXSW recording party of ten bands for ten hours.  The above performance will take place at Roadhouse Rags in Austin; therefore, if you live in that vicinity, then consider attending this event.  Catherine is especially looking forward to being able to sing at a new venue while singing songs that she hasn’t performed in public before.

Catherine’s goals are well within her reach and she would love to share her music with people while also making a difference in the music industry.  Catherine honestly loves to write, sing and perform.  Music has become a very huge part of Catherine’s life and so far she has written a total of fifteen songs while continuing to work very hard at what she loves.  There are two songs that are very special to Catherine because they came from her heart.  The first song is for friends that have moved away and she’s really missing them, and the song expresses exactly what she wanted them to know.  The second song expresses her emotions and frustration with someone that’s really close to her and her friends whose actions are really hurting Catherine and her friends.

 Many of Catherine’s ideas for songs come from the most random places and oddest times.  Just recently she received an idea for a song that just popped into her head at 3:30 am in the morning!  Catherine got up and worked on it for about thirty minutes and then went back to bed.  Many times Catherine’s older sister will work with her on songs and helps her brainstorm ideas while also helping with lyrics.  Being that Catherine is only eleven years old she doesn’t have a lot of her own experiences, but she uses those that she has, things that she observes in life and experiences that others express to her.

 Something that Catherine would like people to know about her is that she absolutely and positively loves to perform live in front of others where she gets instant feedback from her audience.  She is very thankful for all of the many amazing people that have given her the opportunities to do something that she honestly loves doing with all of her heart.  You can also follow Catherine on YouTube and Facebook.

Story by: Perry Malinos a stars2come contributor.