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One of the newest and greatest pop/country sensations to hit the air waves, Celeste Kellogg. She has a tremendous career going for her in music. Her artistry and talent for capturing the audience is the driving force behind her success. The creativity and beauty she brings to the camera in her videos brings to mind, Shinia Twain. Just like Shinia, Celeste can bring meaning and heart to her music and videos, then turns right around with the sassyness, that no other has been able to bring to the audience as well as Shinia. Celeste will be, the next Shinia Twain. Celeste would like to open for Shinia sometime, if this happens, this will be one concert no one should miss. It could just be the best concert of all time.

While Celeste’s music continues to climb the charts on radio, and her career is soaring, she began just like all others trying to get to where she is now. Her outstanding voice was first heard when she was six years old singing for her church choir.  By the time she turned ten, she was out performing for talent shows and the community theater. She won two talent shows when she was ten and twelve years old, and won the Williamsburg Idol at eleven. She then auditioned for a Tween Pop Group RD7, for Radio Disney and was 1 out of 7 selected. Celeste’s great talent has taken her to many outstanding places to perform. One of these places was the USS Eisenhower. She said, that it was amazing performing on a aircraft carrier, and for all of those troops. Another place she performed would be icing on the cake for any artist, and this was performing on National TV for McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This was very exciting for her, and was glad she got to share the experience with her dancers.

Celeste says, Allen Jackson is her number one inspiration, she loves how his songs paints a picture and loves the tone of his voice, it reminds her of her dad. She hopes to do a duet with Allen someday. Second comes Reba, for her amazing voice and pure tone. Thirdly Shinia, for her songwriting, and performance skills. (Celeste shares these skills equally with Shinia).

Celeste Kellogg at stars2come         The writings of Celeste is just plain brilliant! A couple great examples of her brilliance with songwriting are, “The Look” and “Looking In Your Eyes”. These are songs anyone can relate to and understand. These two songs shows off her great creativity very well. In “The Look” you get to see and hear the sassy side of her, then in “Looking In Your Eyes” you get to experience the softer, tender side of Celeste.  These are not the only songs she has. There are several great songs already out and more to be released this year. Celeste takes her ideas from experiences and things she feels strongly about. She has a couple of songs that are close to her, but has not been recorded yet. “Rain” is about loosing someone and “Superman” which is about young love and being shy.

Celeste has been working on taking her talent to TV and the silver screen. One film she was in was, “No Limit Kids, Much Ado About Middle School”. It is about the drama of middle school and a group of kids trying to save the community theater. She played one of the leads in this movie and even got to sing and dance. She has also filmed a couple of pilots, one of them was “Lindsey’s Way”. It is about a girl who lives on a horse farm and has lost her mom. She says, she loves that show and hopes that one day it will take off.

Even with all of her great success, Celeste does not take herself seriously. She is still just a normal teen girl. She loves most any sport, ice skating, rollerblading,  bowling and yes, pogo sticking without hands. Of coarse like any teen, she loves hanging out with her friends.

Celeste is a true sensation as a person and her artistry. She is sure to become a new legend in music and one day when she gets to perform with the great legends Allen and Shinia, the question remains, who will actually be the “star”, Celeste?

To keep up with Celeste’s activities and purchase her great songs check out, celestekellogg.com