Chad Clemens


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Chad has a wonderful soft voice that gives meaning to everything he says. His voice just adds so much extra character to the song, and his song delivery is one of the best. He makes you pay attention to every word he sings. This is music at it`s finest. When Chad sings covers he puts his own spin on them showing his great creativity for producing some fantastic music. Chad is not a singer. He is a artist!

Chad`s vocals are very good, and it is amazing that he only started singing about a year ago. For most people it takes quiet some time to develop their voice, but for Chad it seems he was made for singing. This great sound that he has, has all come with out any training. His family and friends were the first to hear his music, and they had to be proud of what they heard. He has performed for his school talent show, and at the Elizabethtown Fair for a couple thousand people. He really enjoyed playing at the fair with a large crowd. He also played at a street fair in Lititz Pa. called Second Friday. At this fair he played along with his guitar teacher which was exciting for him.

For Chad a lot of his inspiration comes from with in, but from having the chance to share his music with others, and the positive feed back he has gotten, gives him a greater desire to sing and play. He just has so much fun when it comes to performing, and loves to entertain people with his music. Chad hopes to make something of himself playing music, and for people to know his music around the world. With the talent that he has, he will be known all around very shortly. Even in the short amount of time he has been singing, he already has ten original songs. The ideas for his songs just comes out of know where, he says, and mostly about girls.

His dreams have a great chance of happening.  His guitar playing is very smooth, and his soft voice will grab people`s attention and with some luck, just maybe some one will spot him and begin to change his life. One of the greatest things an artist can hope for is that, people enjoy their music, and for Chad they sure do!.