Chanel Lóran

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Chanel is an artist that brings a lot of energy to a song, and her performances. She has a fantastic pop sound to her voice and her great energy  keeps you bopping in your seat. Chanel’s newly released video, “Can’t Stop Me” is a great example of that. This video and song, “Rocks”! This song is one of the best to listen to that truly has a lot to say about how anyone trying to do anything, should be bold, and nothing should stop you. Chanel is certainly living by this and there seems to be no stopping her no matter what!

Unlike most kids when they were young singing Disney songs, Chanel did not. By the age of two she was singing songs in their entirety covering people like, Celine Dion or Whitney. This is really amazing to sing these kinds of songs so early in life, but this has surely led to the sensational talent she has today. It was only one year later that she knew singing was her biggest desire when she made her first public performance at a mall in Florida. She seen some performers singing and she asked if she could sing, she did and got a standing ovation, and this had her hooked. Now she is making a lot of great performances everywhere, one in 2010 she had the honor to perform at the Lincoln Center NY. Chanel says, it still chills her knowing how many great singers that has performed there. Also in 2010 she sang at the Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga Tennessee. She was super excited seeing the crowds of 60,000 during a weeknight.

Lot of Chanel’s musical influence comes from people like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey. When listening to Chanel sing you can tell that they have indeed been a great influence and has guided her in the right direction in music. She is perfectly fitted to this style of music. The music she likes best is pop/R&B mix and Neo Soul.  Chanel says, music really makes her happy, and it is in her soul. Her favorite quote is, “A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song”.

Chanel has been doing some song writing, and has now co-written three songs. Two of these songs are now on itunes. She will be in the studio recording the third with-in the week. The song she is working on right now she says, is a lot of fun. For her having fun with a song is very important. The song that has the most emotional ties for her so far is “Diamond In The Rough”. This was inspired by her experience and sadness caused by bullying and loosing a friend.

Her talent does not stop at singing, she is also an actress. Chanel just finished filming a guest appearance, and she has also been in a couple of short films, a pilot called “Fast Times”, and commercials. She did some print work featuring a suite of games, that was filmed for Wii, the draw component of Wii. All of her accomplishments shows that she is a very hard worker, and is not afraid to go for her dreams. She will be helping other kids to fulfill their dreams, she has now become part of the Las Vages Dream Team for Tunes for Tots helping to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation. Chanel might have a wonderful big voice, but she also has a big heart to match. Be sure to catch her anytime you can and watch her climb to the top, you can be sure she will be there. You, Can’t Stop Her!