Cheska Zaide

Cheska Zaide at stars2come

 Cheska is rock`n roll all the way. Her appearance on stage is outstanding, and the rocker look she has going on is fantastic. She may look great on stage, but her vocals are off the hook! Cheska is the lead vocalist for the band  A+Dropouts and when they perform the crowd goes crazy over their music. She doesn`t just stand there and sing she is all over the stage putting on a great show.

 Cheska living in Washington DC,  is one amazing person she has come a long way in a very short time. She began singing with the band a age eleven. Also at the same age she started playing the guitar, taking lessons from Matt Mills, and has taken it all to heart. You can see clearly in her performances that she truly believes in herself, and confidence is very high. This is why the audience connects so well with her, if you believe in yourself so will others, and people definitely do when she is on stage.

 Cheska just started performing about a year ago at a Kidsfest show in Virginia, but her biggest so far was at Summerfest in Milwaukee.


Cheska Zaide at stars2come

 The Summerfest event June 25 , 2010 has been her favorite. This was special for her because this stage is where her idol Paramore played just two years before. She is also very creative with her song writing. She writes almost all the songs for the group. She has one great song out she wrote “On Your Own” which is available on itunes. Her popularity is growing quickly she has appeared on the news three times so far and on local TV. If she ever makes national TV, she will soar, not only from her singing, she has a look that the camera loves and so will the TV industry.

 When it comes to performing she does give her all, but this is not the only time she does, she is great in school with good grades. This is something all young artists should keep up with, school is a very important part of  life. With her school is a priority, because of this she will be able to excel not only in music , but life. If your ever in the Washington DC area stop by where ever she is performing, you will not be disappointed ow.