Chloe Channell

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If you like country, then listen to Chloe and you will no longer like it, you will love it! Once this little lady starts to sing all anyone can say is, Wow! Chloe is truly a big voice in a little package. That big voice of hers was nothing but, made for country, you will not find one ounce of city in that voice of hers.

Chloe has been singing for as long as she can remember, but her dad says, she came out singing! From the way Chloe sounds and the perfection she has, she just might have been singing from the very beginning. She made her first stage performance at the age of five. She sang at Milton High School the song was from the Little Mermaid. When she turned seven she started performing at The Farmers Opry in Chumuckla Florida every Friday and Saturday night, and she is still with them. Since Chloe began to sing with The Farmers Opry she has had some amazing opportunities. At the Bonfire Jam 2010 they opened for Rodney Atkins and Little Bigtown. She also got to meet them, and very was excited about that. This was also the biggest crowd she has performed for so far. It may have been a big crowd, but one day Chloe’s crowd will be far bigger. Chloe may have opened for some big names here, but they are not the only ones. She also opened for Craig Morgan at Country Fest at the Five Flags Speedway. She said it was so neat singing at a racetrack and meeting Craig.

Chloe has not gotten into the competitions much, but she has entered two and won them both. (This is with no surprise). Chloe said she likes to win, but her dad tells her it is not about beating someone; it is about performing and putting smiles on people’s faces. One thing is for sure, Chloe will defiantly put a smile on anyone’s face that is in ear shot. Chloe gets a lot of inspiration from Loretta Lynn and Martina McBride. You know Loretta and Martina would be so proud having this little firecracker singing any of their songs. She said, she loves the way Loretta sings with her country sound and Martina because she feels they are similar with a small frame and big voice. Singing for Chloe really comes down to the love of being on stage, and making the audience happy. Her goal is to be bigger than Taylor Swift and sing all over the world. The way Chloe is starting out that is a very good possibility.

Chloe says she is a little fireball who works hard to meet her goals and will work to make it happen. She is super talented without a doubt and has all the talent and drive to take her anywhere in life she chooses to go. Chloe also holds something special. Her voice was made for country and she sings it wonderfully, but when she steps out of country into a different genre, she is even more spectacular. In one of her videos she is singing, “I Will Always Be There”, and this is just breath-taking sending chills throughout your body. Chloe sang this song with such emotion and precision it will make you stop whatever you are doing and do nothing but sit and listen in amazement. With her singing this song it is not music, it is beauty! After listening to this song several times it is clear that, “I Will Always Love You” goes the other way around, “We Will Always Love You”, Chloe!!